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Déjà vu

Déjà vu is commonly explained as "familiarity without awareness". It happens when you see, touch, taste, or perceive something… and simply get the feeling that "I've had that before" and become keen to look further into the incident. Convincing yourself that "I know what's gonna happen next".

There are many explanations to the déjà vu happenings. One explanation addresses the issue by pointing out the human brain as a hologram. Bits of sensory information needed for the brain to reconstruct three-dimensional images. When a brain receives a small sensory input - a smell, a sight, a sound – that is strikingly similar to such a detail experienced in the past, the entire memory image is brought forward. The brain, hence, takes the past to be the present by virtue of one tiny bit of sensory information. It is this mismatch of past and present sensory information that causes the sense of disconcertment and unease associated with a passing déjà vu.

Another theory relates to the memory, referring in specific to the fact that some information get stored upon entrance in the long-term memory storage in the brain, thus giving the impression that whatever information you're perceiving had already happened to you earlier before when your brain recaptures the incident.

There are many theories out there regarding this matter, however… to me… Déjà vu is a French word that has been haunting me and remains to haunt me still. I waltz through life making the same mistakes over and over… and over again. It's like my mind is set on playback and the same silly pop song that I loved as a kid and came to loathe as a man keeps playing in my head. This… is one of those "dear diary" moments, where I get to confess my sins. The mistakes I've made and remade. I have been fearing them for so long that they've become the only thing I see. The only road I take. My very true bit of sensory information. My autobiography. "They"… are the only friend I've got!!

Chances. A Chinese wise man once said that every person only gets two opportunities per lifetime. Sounds more like a sales pitch to me; but… come to think about it… what if it's true?! Is this my first chance? Or is it maybe my second and last? They survive around us. Eat around us. Sleep around us. Die around us. They fucking DANCE around us… trying... begging to grab our attention. But noooo…. We're way too smart to fall into that trap again. I am not making that same mistake. I am going to skip this chance… This… booby trap… and I'll definitely take the next one that comes along. The chances we take. The mistakes we make. I keep asking myself the same eternal question: "Could this be MY CHANCE… MY OPPORTUNITY?!", "Is this my road to glory?", "Is this my salvation?". These questions sound oddly familiar to me. How long have we got to live for us to keep on skipping chances… Dodging bullets. Waiting for our green light to cross the road to our long sought moral and ethical and self-centered dreamland. And when we feel the time is right, that voice starts ringing in our ears. That sound!! That silly pop song from the 80s. I'll say until we start ignoring those déjà vu's it's tough luck all the way ol' champ, cos you ain't getting any until you wake up and smell the chances. All of them. Take a big whiff… It might smell like heaven… and it might as well be smoke from a distant fire. Either way… RUN. Towards it or from it. Take the risks, laddie, cos it's all downhill from back then... Back in the 80s… when that pop song was # 1 on the charts!!

Deja vu - yes. But have you ever considered about describing an opposite of a deja vu?

Deja vu? What about the opposite of deja vu? freaky

Veda Ju probably :-P

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