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Tapping at my chamber door

Monday, July 31, 2006

Emile, a newly found definition

Only a few lucky ones have managed to catch Emile Lahoud's LIVE interview on Al Jazeera channel this afternoon. I thought that زمن الزعماء انتهى... and I thank President Lahoud for proving me wrong. Well, for those of you who didn't catch the interview try to search it up online and please send me a copy of the video file if you ever find it because I couldn't. I'll try to post here the points that I carved in the back of my head for you guys to read and, hopefully, adore.

A. Emile Lahoud basically said that in order for Lebanon to "talk" the following has to be abided by:

  1. Cease fire and for the Israeli army to retreat back to where they came from.
  2. Shaba'a farms.
  3. The Lebanese people are going to vote on the kind of government they wish to have. حكومه وأحزابwise. Every vote will not be taken for granted. No one will be defined as a minority. The Lebanese civil wars were a result of minorities and we will never have that again. Lebanon belong to the Lebanese and no decision shall be taken without their complete approval. What good is it for one person to take a decision and have the rest of the countrymen pay for that decision? If the entire population vote on it then everyone will be more than happy to accept the consequences of their decision, good or bad. We are Lebanese and we have the right to choose.
  4. We will not accept the presence of international forces at our borders. We already have security council troops over there and they are welcomed then to bring reinforcements if that would make things better. Lebanon will not live to be another Kosovo.

B. He blamed the US for not denouncing the Qana bombing now and not denouncing it in 1996. He threw in the government's theories about Israel and the US Harriri assassination and demanded full investigation on that aspect, and when asked why jump to that assumption he said that they've already proven they're capable of such horrific actions. He kept referring to Harriri as الرئيس الحريري. I could only bow my head to the respect and humbleness this man showed.

C. Then came the million dollar question about Al Moqawama i.e Hezbollah... to which he basically said that the more the Israelis' aggressions stay, the more they all want the moqawama to stay. He also added that after the year 2000 it was voted among the people in Lebanon as to whether they should put more into the Lebanese army or whether they should simply and completely trust the Hezbollah presence... and to that the answer is pretty obvious. It's the year 2006 now and Hezbollah are there defending the Lebanese.

D. When asked about his statements and whether they were "official", he said that he's just a Lebanese man and the official statements would be issued and spoken out eventually from the government house of assembly.

His words were patriotic yet well poised. As far as I could tell, his words were not "terrorist-friendly".... and yet the world still finds it hard to understand.

My definition of a 'Leader' would be a person who would say everything I'd want to say without having fingers pointed at him or me or the rest of the countrymen. A person I would so gladly follow into hell... if hell is to be my ultimate choice.

Refrain from comment - قانا

  • The airstrike killed at least 56 Lebanese, mostly women and children, when it leveled a building where they had taken shelter.
  • "I was so afraid. There was dirt and rocks and I couldn't see. Everything was black," said Noor Hashem, 13, whose five siblings were killed.
  • In Qana, Khalil Shalhoub was helping pull out the dead until he saw his brother's body taken out on a stretcher.
"Why are they killing us? What have we done?" he screamed.

)أم حسبتم ان تدخلوا الجنة ولما يأتكم مثل الذين خلوا من قبلكم ، مستهم البأساء والضراء وزلزوا حتى يقول الرسول والذين آمنوا معه متى نصر الله الا ان نصر الله قريب) - البقرة 412

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mon parfait être

None of us is important. You are not the most attractive, even though you wish you were. Unique and special are just words that reflect how magnificently shallow you owe to be. Your intelligence precedes the inner stupid child that once existed when you were five and dangled from a broken swing that broke your elbow and cut your eye brow and marked a deep scar in the middle of your forehead through which your brain can leak in peace and harmony with every single happy memory you had as a child. You resemble every inch of brain-free intellect you had back then that now you're proud of forcing over others. You are not the king of the chessboard. You are hardly a stupid pawn, and ergo there are more than just the one you out there... and they're all pretty useless. You can top them at uselessness if it makes you feel any better. You don't have any special moves. You only move one step at a time, uniquely, guarding the imaginary kingdom you've created inside your self manipulated imagination, foolishly seeking a destiny of promotion. Self deceit and suicidal glory are the fuel that runs your broken engine. You are straight pathetic. A shallow mindless train of bullshit conclusions and theories that nobody cares to know, but delude you into thinking they're special and generously poised. You should have kept your mouth shut when you had the chance. You should count to 10 before you speak. You should count to gazillion before you speak. You shouldn't speak. You should have been born with your mouth located in the middle of your chest; that way you can only talk when you're naked... and when you're naked nobody cares what you have to say, because they'd be staring at your ugly deformed body, the body you thought was sexy enough to get you in bed with a Heidi Klum look alike, a fake supermodel makeup freak and wannabe. You didn’t know you would end up going to bed with your own self deluding pear shaped illusion of a pride you think mortifies in your own figment of a very sick and decomposing soul. Watch over all else from that tower high up in the lonely heaven you've created for your bare and humble existence, your own self-overdosed crane of wisdom. You think you bring originality around your mere existence. You think you make people laugh. You think you provide a comfy shoulder for people to cry on when maneuvering life and all its crap. Well, you're life and all its crap... and you shouldn't really think. You deserve to die alone. Come to think of it... you don't really deserve anything.

Life does not stop when you die. Life continues long after you are checkmated,

my beloved king,

my perfect, perfect being,

O Mightiest of them all,

I loathe your very existence,

I envy your immaterial presence.

Why stop at Cairo?

I've been sick for the past couple days, but I couldn't help but feel the cocktail drink running through my head. Feels like a really bad case of hangover mixed with a drug overdose and a zillion stabs in the belly button.

I should have lied in bed, but I couldn’t. I had to check the news...

Over 600 Lebanese have died during the past two weeks. Statistics is what this figure represents. It jumped from being totally barbaric to being a figure to be taught in history books in Lebanon, that is, if Lebanon ever managed to see the end of this war. Fifty people died this morning in an Israeli bombing on Qana, mostly women and children. Fuad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, said that the bombing had targeted an innocent village and was an Israeli "war crime"... Where the fuck were you during the past two weeks man? War Crime is too cheap of a word to say about the Israeli INVASION on Lebanon. I read the news and wonder how some people out there still believe in the American/Israeli dream. I do not consider those bombings as "events" anymore or news... they are threat notes. Why stop at Lebanon? Egypt has made it pretty fucking clear that we do not want war because we are too fucking weak. We don't have Hezbollah. We only have Kefaya movement, and the only thing they'd probably do is protest and scream out 'Kefaya... 7aram'. I'm starting to wonder whether this sickness is bacterially caused or whether these thoughts are the actual cause of my anorexia and nausea. Why the fuck stop at Lebanon?

And they say that all they really want is peace, huh? Peace?! Do I look six to you? Do you think I'm fucking stupid?



You can call this a HATE blog if you want. You can block me out of the "system", but right now I only have hate inside... and a lust for revenge, cold and bloody. Give me a gun, it's about time I define my pride and search for my self respect.

I guess the million dollar question would be... If they say an eye for an eye... would it be morally challenged of me to say a child for a child as well?!


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ravings of fallen gladiators

Authenticate thyself and claim rights to a French throne. Over and above they step in lines that reached the gates of Jerusalem. Self remedy the deepest of the mechanical bullet shedding eyes that behold a tower linked high to heaven and beyond. Art, they called it, then babbled some Portuguese fiction which I clearly understood. I slip into gushing blood, fall and break my skull and then and there elopes my bats and deepest secrets into a scary universe they named life. Rushes the mighty tiger through the fax room, tears apart thy flesh. 'Your heart's delicious', he said, ' Can I have your phone number?'. I ran across the music room intimidated, Van Gogh paintings hanging over all surfaces that are flat. A Venus at the far right corner stood still staring into my eyes, reading my hallucinations, consuming my freudian needs. Shocked, culture and extra voltaged air conditioning, surfed through the room screaming 'Free me from this agonizing sensation of guilty inflammation'. Ignore the door, jump through the glass window, cut yourself and fall. Nothing matters anymore. Venus' said it all. Scrutinize me and protest against every living sense that grows. Patronize yourself for in that curse you revere your deepest affections. Lie not to them, but to those who don't know about the mighty tiger that said to Venus 'He still doesn't know'. Teethfully Venus smiled and said 'He never spoke Portuguese.'

Friday, July 28, 2006

The world went spinning, the sun stood still...

Pinky had a point there... A lot of people look forward to peace whatever the price is, even if the price is turning the other cheek. I must apologize however, if I seemed harsh or rude at some point on my commenting back to her, but I definitely don't regret it. I guess someone else must have told her, and a lot of people for that matter, that info years ago.

Again, that's not the time nor the place to comment on many blogs out there... but I sure will satisfy my free time in replying to my friend Mech here and his 'Like Spinning Plates'.

Mech: By 'extremes' I mean take an action that is greater than what most countries would take. Remember I said that, to me, going to war to rescue the soldiers is not justified. It is justified, however, if it going to spare the innocent lives that Hezbollah is going to kill.

'justified, however, if it going to spare the innocent lives that Hezbollah is going to kill'??! You can't be serious, can you? I mean sure when a murderer is out on the run you'd definitely send out a search party to arrest him and all, but if you see Hezbollah as murderers, then I very much believe that one can only call Israel as a whole nation likewise. Did you lately read the news about what's happening in Gaza? You do know that Israel started bombing Lebanon and killing people way before Hezbollah started firing back right? Hmm... I find it pointless and a total waste of time to bring back historical incidents. I know that nobody's perfect man, but Hezbollah's got a cause. Israel just wanted surrounding countries to know who's got the power to do whatever he pleases. I think the statements were loud, clear, and pretty much well-stated. Nobody gave a shit. They all sat down like hush puppies waiting for the good ol' pat on the back and peed in their pants.

Then you commented on not knowing for sure what their just cause was in their invasion of Lebanon by saying: That's right Raven, I don't know for sure. They're all theories. Does anyone claim to know for certain?

Again, I'll re-state my clear opinion by saying that starting to bomb a country, kill people, ignore warnings, just for a couple soldiers doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Removing the Hezbollah military regime won't fix anything... cos tomorrow there will be more Nasrallahs. And the answer to the question of who's boss? It's pretty clear that Israel and the USA are the 21st century bosses. I'm just wondering whether us discussing this whole issue has any point at all.

Mech: The terrorists in Egypt are trying to prove a point as well, but I am sure you can do that without bombing hotels with tourists and locals.

Honestly, I have no idea who bombed those hotels and what point they had. I don't think there were any theories... hmmm... maybe a couple bullshit theories. Weren't those hotels bombed on like October 6th and July 23rd? i.e. national holidays? So when should the next one be? Eid el Fitr? Halloween? Christmas? No no, around Labor day probably... an enraged employee carrying my name perhaps?

I can only say that it's very tragic what happened to everyone who died at those hotels. Getting your hands on weapons and explosive material seem way too easy these days huh?

Mech: I said it before and I will say it again. If a serial killer comes and saves your life, it does not make him/her innocent all of a sudden. Hezbollah have killed and will kill again.

If Hezbollah was officially instated as the Lebanese army party, would the world have accepted their actions? I can only say that Israel have killed and will kill again... dunno why, however, does Israel always managed to find where the women and children are hiding and bomb them up... I guess it's because they know that once you see someone else's family all murdered, cold, dead-still, that's when you really start considering your every action.

I find it hard to comment on that 'Lebanese love Hezbollah' part because I dunno why I am having such a hard time proving it. But then again, I think in order to proceed with this discussion (that I no not where it's heading to) we must skip this part since over here I could get you a couple of my friends and ask them to pretend they're Lebanese, which is plain sick so I won't be doing that. I don't have enough breath in me to go search for a discussion forum that stands with Hezbollah. I'm sure that most of those who do pretty much have more things to worry about, like staying alive... but then again those who don't are out there too... but I still find myself amazed that Hezbollah have been there that long when they could have been removed by the Lebanese gov't ages ago... we'll get to that in a minute I guess.

Mech: So the US killed Harriri????? I highly doubt it, but who knows. The US was busy with Iraq and Afghanistan so I don't think they wanted to get into other fronts in any shape or form. Any Lebanese-Syrian politics experts out there?

This was one of the theories that I find most convincingly appealing to me. Like I said, like is obvious, Syria didn't benefit and never would have benefited from Harriri's termination. Besides, think about it, if it were the US, how would we ever know? Hence, the theory reigns over that they found the timing perfect for it to occur. No one would be looking... no one would be expecting it. The element of surprise has always been my favorite move. Political experts out there... go boil an egg or read an erotic comic strip... we have enough theories over here to analyze wars and political assassinations on other planets.

Mech: Cause Hezbollah is backed by Iran and because it is part of the Lebanese political system. Did you know that in 1982 Iran gave Hezbollah 1,500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards? They now have 14 seats in the Parliment out of 128. It becomes very sensitive then to get rid of Hezbollah's military side. However, I think the Lebanese could have done more without jeopardizing their system... my personal opinion only.

Sensitive, but still possible. But 'sensitive' can't possibly be your best guess here, can it? I mean, let's visualize it for a second here. Assuming you lived in a country... assuming a piece of your country was colonized by some organization or another country or whatever, then some "serial killer" or whatever got there with his bandits and helped you out and set you free... and you know that he's just that good. Wouldn’t you want him to stay? I mean you wouldn't arrest him would you? I'm using this serial killer theory to visualize the concept that Lebanese should be wanting Hezbollah to stay, proved by their never instating a "real" army, a concept that's been argued over and over again by Lebanese whom I find hard to believe they actually lived all the wars that Lebanon's been through. Those who think Hezbollah should be removed are probably 15 years old and watch too much MTV.

Mech: Look, nobody is saying that Lebanese civilians deserve to die. Terrorists that kill, deserve to die. People who support terrorists deserve punishments of varying degrees, depending on the level of support they provided. Trust me, I feel very much for every civilian life lost.

I know you do feel for the civilians, it just pisses me off to see you arguing for the people who don’t, for the people who are trying to play with words and with people's minds to make them think too much before they shed a tear for the civilians in Lebanon, Iraq, potentially Syria and Iran... and eventually Egypt. When I see a kid or a man die on TV why do I have to think before I feel sorry for them? If they're unarmed, why should they die? Why is the US trying so hard to make people ignore or plainly switch the channel, turn over the page, and just forget. I remember when Afghanistan was hit, everyone watched Al Jazeera and CNN carefully for hours everyday and read every single newspaper that covered the news... then Iraq got hit and we used to watch it carefully too, but then we also started making fun of Al Sa77af and following the search for Saddam as if it's film Al ba7th 3an Sayyed Marzouk. It changed from the Tragic Afghanistan to the Interesting Iraq... and now with Lebanon, people hardly even read about it or what any related news on TV. Every single piece of information that I tell to people about it seems like NEWS to them. I wouldn't even be surprised if someone asked me 'There's a war in Lebanon? Shit, I was planning on spending the summer there'. Nobody gives a fuck anymore. We've become gladiators thrown in Coliseums for the lions to feed and the crowds to roar in excitement. Actually there's an errr... trivia piece or whatever it is you wanna call it that says something like:

1 death = sad accident

10 deaths = tragic

100 deaths = statistics

So, has it come down to this? Are those people dying out there as we endlessly and pointlessly blog just numbers and statistical figures? Yesterday's news is Today's trash, so they say. It just saddens me.

Mech: Mine, however, may not be such a tragedy. I've done enough bad things :).

We've all had our share of those. I count mine right before I fall asleep.

Mech: I strongly disagree. I, for example, as a being on earth, am at times unsure about what is right and what is wrong.

I strongly disagree too. Right and wrong are still black and white. We just prefer staying in the thin grey line in the middle cos grey is way cooler. It gives us a chance to do whatever we want and pretend that we didn’t know and that right and wrong are relative matters.

And btw X is a widely known abbreviation for Ecstasy. I'm glad you didn't go down that road. I just read about it in some bad Gypo Brit-teen-wannabe magazine. One of those مجلات الشباب الرقيع kind of magazines you know.

Mech: The Egyptian army is not so bad is it? We can hold our grounds. But isn't peace just a better option?

Hmm... Ever been enlisted for military service? You would know what I'm talking about. But lets not go through that online. Maybe someday we'll "talk" and I'll let you on to this info. And yes, peace is always the best option. It's just too hard to get to... I hate war. I hate violence. I wish I could die on my bed when I'm really old, not so old that I can't pee by myself... but old enough you know, but with the way things are going and the rate with which all arab countries are being destroyed and plainly invaded, I don't see how that can be possible.

Mech: I am not going to take the Palestinians' side just because we might have the same hair, eye, and skin color or because we speak the same language! I am not going to take the Israeli side either. I disagree with some actions that both sides have taken. I can't say, ok I will be on the Palestinian side and will support whatever they do from now on. The same goes for the Israeli side. You can say I am for Peace and for fairness.

Suicide bombers that kill innocent civilians; care to comment on that? I'm pretty sure you'd say that it's wrong. Well, in the perfect world we're living in I'd have to agree with you. How about when the Israeli army knocks down Palestinian villages and kills everybody that is EVERYBODY there? How about what's happening right now in Gaza? The whole thing is fucked up and.... hmm... I think I'll continue this argument with commenting on your reply to the Godfather regarding that same issue. But before I go, why do I always get the feel that you take the side of official army murders just because they've been officially instated by an official government?

Mech: The thing is you can't prove it's a Palestinian land and you can't prove it's Israeli.

So basically, you're saying that the Israelis weren't promised the land by some British dude? That they didn't escape Europe and search for their "promised land"?

You know what... don't answer that.

In regards to Ghandi... he also said:

'I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.'

Which reminds me that I was interested in your theory regarding this incident:

NOBEL peace laureate Betty Williams displayed a flash of her feisty Irish spirit yesterday, lashing out at US President George W.Bush during a speech to hundreds of schoolchildren.

Campaigning on the rights of young people at the Earth Dialogues forum, being held in Brisbane, Ms Williams spoke passionately about the deaths of innocent children during wartime, particularly in the Middle East, and lambasted Mr Bush.

"I have a very hard time with this word 'non-violence', because I don't believe that I am non-violent," said Ms Williams, 64.

"Right now, I would love to kill George Bush." Her young audience at the Brisbane City Hall clapped and cheered.

"I don't know how I ever got a Nobel Peace Prize, because when I see children die the anger in me is just beyond belief. It's our duty as human beings, whatever age we are, to become the protectors of human life."

Ms Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 30 years ago, when she circulated a petition to end violence in Northern Ireland after witnessing British soldiers shoot dead an IRA member who was driving a car. He veered on to the footpath, killing two children from one family instantly and fatally injuring a third.

Ms Williams's petition had tens of thousands of Protestant and Catholic women walking the streets together in protest. Now the former office receptionist heads the World Centres of Compassion for Children International, a non-profit group working to create a political voice for children.

"My job is to tell you their stories," Ms Williams said of a recent trip to Iraq.

"We went to a hospital where there were 200 children; they were beautiful, all of them, but they had cancers that the doctors couldn't even recognise. From the first Gulf War, the mothers' wombs were infected.

"As I was leaving the hospital, I said to the doctor, 'How many of these babies do you think are going to live?'

"He looked me straight in the eye and said, 'None, not one'. They needed five different kinds of medication to treat the cancers that the children had, and the embargoes laid on by the United States and the United Nations only allowed them three."

Wrapping up the three-day forum yesterday, delegates agreed to a 26-point action plan.

"There can be no sustainable peace while the majority of the world's population lives in poverty," they said.

"There can be no sustainable peace if we fail to rise to the global challenge presented by climate change.

"There can be no sustainable peace while military spending takes precedence over human development."

Sadly, I ran into those comments. So what do you think?

Again I finish up by quoting Ghandi when he said:

'Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.'

I just hope that what I'm doing online and offline, insignificant as it is, would go unregreted on my dying bed.

Silently, I blogged...

The inevitable question that enriches our cyber life returns: To blog or not to blog...

I, for one, blog to make my thoughts feel real, to see them with my own eyes, and the more I blog, the more I feel like I'm doing something a bit more humane than just chatting my day up with complete strangers, download music and movies, or surf deep into Blogging has always been about setting your mind free, without the constant need for proof. You can say whatever you want in there, you can be whoever you want... you can just be. You can write about your day, your job, your sex-change operation. You can claim you're Jesus and that you know better. You can claim you're Ghadni, Pamela Anderson, or just an anonymous who prefers to stay that way. But recently, I've come across way too many blogs that scream out for me to read out and fall into. Blogs can be recreational, political, or just plain distorted bullshit. They can be about anything really including our-petty-selves. Some people read and move on, others settle at the bottom of every post, trying to figure out what that blogger really means. It makes us feel good, doesn't it? I've stumbled across a few myself, wondering whether I should just ignore and move on or whether I should sit there and argue a point. Yeah well, that's me... I don't like it, but it is still who I am. I find it compelling to argue what I think is right. I stand behind my theories until I find someone who can have them modified to better ones. Yup... I know, I hear you yell out from wherever you are 'Oh come on. Get a fucking life!'... but what good would my cyber life be if all I do is sit down, BLOG, watch a film, fall in love, and sleep at night... if that latter is even a possibility if my life becomes that meaningless. I stand my ground still. I find it compelling, a duty. I guess this happens when you believe that much in something... and then again that's obviously not your case.

Blogging, to me, is no longer a journal for me to write about whatever bullshit I've said today and whatever crazy sitcom I've watched. It eventually becomes a mean for me to protest... to demonstrate in silence. If I can argue with people who disagree with me on a certain issue and, perhaps eventually, get them to change their minds (or have them change mine for all that matters), then I believe that it's far more better than to go demonstrate among people who already agree with me on what I'm protesting against. You could jump to conclusion that I'm just saying that to make myself feel better about not protesting... but it's safe to say that I've already protested... and I didn't feel any better. So you can take away my land, my home, my banner... You can defeat me at every fucking sport out there...

... but this you will never have, even if you prove me wrong!!

The other side of My Majesty

I dare not speak to them, for I know not the things they might say. Behold thy mighty powers for it is but guilt that shall remain when all goes down. It won't end well, my dear self. It won't end well at all. The letter R is the catalyze of thought. It drops by whenever you seek comfort, love, advice, and answers; along with them it drops by. Revenge is what they whispered when all you sought was consolation, and from there on you seek it like a sore thumb avenging itself by torturing the mind. They whispered the word 'rebellion' when your parents dropped you as a child, when their curfew was just too early, when the allowance you got was plain cheap; that is the point in time when they started whispering, commanding you to rebel against all that's out there. Set free your anger, only then will you find your true self. Ramp and rage on whoever stepped on your toe when you were a child, every single bully, every single boss or client... every single human being. Define yourself, for nobody will... and once that happens, that's when you find their flag buried deep inside, that's when you become their home and their domain, their pink stuffed bunny and their killing machine. Those two angels sitting on your comfy shoulders, wishing you the best, praying for your triumph; they've always been your friends, recording your every move, telling you what to do. You're nailed to the wall, your eyes are poked out, and your brain's scattered all over the wall, that same wall you've nailed yourself to when you weren't looking. You become their property to claim. That's when they start yelling and commanding you to behave the way you do, the way we do. Their sweet sounding voices become intolerable and all you can do is do what they say, hoping that once you fulfill their wishes, they're gone... but they always stay. They're still here, listening to the tapping sound on the keyboard I write this with, ordering me to stop. It eventually becomes a norm. You're just a toy to them, listening to them speak out their minds and give you advice, advice that you always tend to find appealing and convincing. You never wonder why you have been listening all along until you find yourself falling down from a grace that never existed except in your wettest dreams, and the more you listen, the harder is the fall; the fall that you don't see coming until you start tasting your own brain fluids. That's when you realize that it was never about your religion, never about your country banner. It is always, always about you, your own very much number one, our Mr. Johnson. You come first before all. It is because you matter more than all else that you listen to them, accept them, believe them and believe in them. That's when you loose sight of their wings and harps and blinding white cloaks, when they become invisible, when they've become engulfed inside your mind and heart, when they become you... when they become gods.

I'll cover my ears and try hard not to listen, but I know I'll still follow... for they will always be there, sitting on my shoulder, waiting for me to lean, to bend over... waiting for me to give in. I only wish I could kick them away, yell at them, order them to leave, but I can't. I dare not speak to them, for I know not the things they might say.

Burn baby, burn... 'tis all good!!

'Sign your name across my heart

I want you to be my baby

Sign your name across my heart

I want you to be my lady'

- Sign your name by Terence Trent D'arby

A beautiful song with lyrics that stab you where it hurts the most. My bleeding pride cries for revenge and I keep staring at an empty wall wondering what future it holds behind it. Demanding, I stare, for my fucking sledgehammer. This is the time and age where it's either this wall or my own beliefs and dreams. This is the part of the play where they ask you whether you'd make a stand or run away and hide behind the curtains, behind that wall hoping not to be found; hoping to live elsewhere, get married and have beautiful kids, hoping not to die.

It seems like forever that they have their magazines, their movies, their multi-million dollar businesses, their regimes that reign over the most powerful nations. They have people pay them benefits and insurance claims and taxes for a holocaust that might just have never existed hadn't it been for a mad man called Hitler over half a century ago. We've paid for it with our own sweat and blood. They were promised and given a country as payment for their induced pain. We've watched and loved movies about it, movies we've shed tears for while watching. We pay taxes for that holocaust and never get to wonder when it will ever be enough. It was Hitler all along and he's no longer here to even make a two-word apology. I have just received an SMS from Hitler's grave. He says 'I'm sorry, now fuck off!!'.

Well, this is our holocaust out there in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon... a holocaust that would probably soon march into Iran and Syria, and eventually Egypt for all it matters, where I live and breathe, where my children play with their toys. THIS is our holocaust out there and Bush is the 21st century Hitler and I see no one preventing it. I demand my fucking movie and I demand my goddamn paycheck for the hurt and pain he's caused me. I want my freedom to reign over all. I demand my promised country.

Eeni Meeni Mini MOoo...


France it is then...

Where do I sign?

'Stranger blue leave us alone
We don't want to deal with you'
- Terence Trent D'arby

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where is the rope?

Well, where can I start? I wish I could just grab a rope from the basement and start hunting down certain people whom and nations that I have no respect for, but I can't, I never was a cowboy. Life is just not that fair. Nothing is clear. Not even opinion. Mine and yours.

So in response to the MechanicalCrowds argument titled 'Where is the line?', I say this:

Mech: Plus, Israel is known to care a lot about their soldiers/civilians and go to extremes for that.

Define extreme for me will ya? Would it be similar to bombing an embassy? Hmm... how about blowing up a country? Yeah that sounds about right, huh.

Mech: I said they should stop pretending if they are not going to war for that reason. Which is probably true.

So basically you don't know why they're in it for. They're all just theories... same as mine I guess. Only I don't know why do I feel that mine stands a little bit taller than yours.

Mech: If you are walking on the street and suddenly some gang starts attacking you, then this serial killer comes and saves your life. Does that mean that he is no longer a killer? The core of our disagrement is that I view Hezbollah as a terrorist group, as murderers, and of course you do not see it that way.

Naaah, I see them as men trying to prove a point, to be heard, to protect, to grow, to elevate into something meaningful, into the leader and into the missing spot on the UN table. That serial killer you're referring to has taken care of southern Lebanon for the past decade. The people over there not only love them... they wouldn’t be alive without them (God willingly). Harriri backed them up while he was alive, especially during his last days, before he was killed by people who didn't want Hizbullah to stay around any longer. The theory that the Syrians were the ones who ordered Harriri's assassination was only thrown in there to try and blur the other theory that the US wanted him out of the picture to cut a bit of Hizbullah's funding. Harriri didn't really bother Syria in his life and his death didn't benefit them in any way. Ummm... not to mention that there's a theory in the Yugoslavian states, now countries unfortunately, that the US were the ones who encouraged Slovenia to break loose out of the Yugoslavian government after Tito's death. Did you know that Yugoslavia had no imports worth mentioning in their countries BOP? They were a self-structured and self-satisfied country. They were growing to be one of the most leading nations in the world... a threat to the balance of the world, from the US and pro-US point of view. Again, I must say... it's just a theory that goes around, a flame for a fire put out years ago.

Besides let me ask you this... and please consider it before you proceed...

Lebanon's been free to do anything since the year 2000. The government had six long years to create an officially instated army if it wanted to be rid of Hizbullah's military regime... my question is.. how come it didn't? The entire nation adhered to Hizbollah as their military councellor and provider of safety and security against harm. So if the government didn't want them there... why not attempt to work for a stronger army to push aside Hizbullah? I'm not talking about an army as strong as the US or Israel or whatever... I'm talking the basic definition of the word army here.

That article you so generously provided a link for proves me right about certain things here. So I'll just have to quote a couple lines there..


"THE NEWS IS filled these days with reports of civilian casualties, comparative civilian body counts and criticism of Israel, along with Hezbollah, for causing the deaths, injuries and "collective punishment" of civilians. But just who is a "civilian" in the age of terrorism, when militants don't wear uniforms, don't belong to regular armies and easily blend into civilian populations?

Finally, there is a difference between civilians who are held hostage against their will by terrorists who use them as involuntary human shields, and civilians who voluntarily place themselves in harm's way in order to protect terrorists from enemy fire.

But the recognition that "civilianality" is often a matter of degree, rather than a bright line, should still inform the assessment of casualty figures in wars involving terrorists, paramilitary groups and others who fight without uniforms — or help those who fight without uniforms." By Alan Dershowitz – LA Times (Polish Jewish name btw)


In case you didn't notice, this is a clear cut sign of how the American gov't wants to brainwash the American people into believing that bush and that bitch is right. That they shouldn't take Lebanese civilians into consideration as innocent, that they shouldn't feel sorry for them cos they might as well be terrorists. First they accuse a person, their imaginary fucking white bunny, then they accuse an entire nation. What the fuck is happening out there man? I just wish that if somebody bombs down my house that I won't be seen as a possible might-have-been terrorist in my funeral. I mean what do you think Mech? Define civilian for me if you may. Do you think my death would be a tragedy? Do you think yours will be? (اللهم احفظنا)

Mech: We know what's right and what's wrong? That's a bold statement which I disagree with. Nobody knows what's right and what's wrong for sure. That is why poeple argue, to decide what is right and what is not. That is why you and I are arguing now. You probably didn't mean it in the literal sense, right?
People are free to choose if they want to smoke shisha's or not, to go clubbing or not, to worship 'X' or to worship god. If they choose to go a certain path, they will harvest what they planted. It is their freedom.

Every being on earth, no matter what race they are, where they're from, what God they worship, knows what's right and what's wrong. It's common knowledge. Some people justify certain things for themselves but they'd still know they're not totally guilt-free. Clubbing, X, beer, and all that crap... we've gotten so blinded by the west with all its crap that we see the west as the path to being "accepted". We've managed to absorb the worst in their culture and leave behind what really matters. We should have learned to be smart.

Mech: So you wanted us to spend 25 years building an army? Egypt is not that rich of a country... I mean look at the economy now, imagine that minus billions and billions that would have been spent on the military. Egypt cannot afford to spend anymore on the army, let's feed the people first. I hope we just all live in peace and stop spending on war. You know... move on.

Umm... NO... I was actually referring to using the 25 years to build a country and an army... and yeah... that didn't happen because some idiot took over the reign of the gypo crown and flushed the great country-great army blueprint down the toilet. Today's gypo army is a career where you can get free shit and power. It's always been like that in Egypt... only today... they get free stuff in return for nothing.

"They would rather have War than accept the existence of Israel and live together in Peace."? – Hmmm... Well, Israel is officially a country, a respected nation, in the eyes of the world. There's no point in fighting them, not now at least... and Hezbollah knows that. They did NOT provoke this war. They asked for prisoner exchange, same as they did in 2000 and successfully managed to do then. They asked Israel to cease fire on Gaza and the WB... and while we're at it let me ask you the million dollar question here...

Where do you stand on the Israel-Palestine long lasting situation? :-D

And Mech, thank you for your time.

Proud to be an arab: To raven i say, before you act so patriotic about being an arab for the sake of Lebanon. Well go fix your corrupted perception of PATRIONISM and ONE NATION.

First of all, the nickname?! No comment!! And Patriotism? One Nation? WTF are you talking about here? You wanna join the discussion and the debate, then pleeeeease go ask some people who actually LIVE in Lebanon, who have experience the Lebanese ups and downs, who have experienced Hezbollah.

Give me that rope man... I'll just hang myself with it and hope that my tombstone would still say 'civilian'.

Leek ya Lobnan

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let this war get more exciting...

MechanicalCrowds said...

I am Egyptian, but I am with Israel if they are going to get rid of Hezbollah!

The Godfather said...

Mechanical Crowds... I am sorry but I would simply love to say that announcing it to the world that you are an egyptian is a big insult to all egyptians....

If you had the smallest ounce of respect for any principle, actually if you had principles you wouldn't be the mere ignorant ytou are....

Anywayz it is silence that makes us slaves, well that is bad... What is worth is it is people like you who makes dogs of arabs and every dog will have his day....

And all I would like to say is some people do not know what they speak off, they
are just fools so this is to state that some egyptians know how to suck uo to the west... This is the fucked up minority... And well yeah, Pardon my french here....

The normal respectful people, support
Lebanon and Hezballah...

Pinky & the Brain said...

God Father,

Mechanical crowds doesn’t mean any offense, neither we as Egyptians feel offended nor insu
lted when he said that he supports Israel if they would get rid of Hezbollah. It is crystal clear that we are all heartbroken to see Lebanon in its current condition. But let us not mix things together. Hezbollah have devastated Lebanon when they slipped their leg into a war that has absolutely nothing to do with the Lebanese: government or nation.

Hezbollah is a group of extremists who do not respect no nation, no government and civilians and ethics are the last issues on their bloody barbarian agenda. Enough is enough of their chaotic era; they cannot hide behind our kids and women forever.

Till when will we Arabs be distracted with war led by bunches of weirdoes likewise AL Qaeda, Shiites, and Hezbollah…etc while other nations are totally focused on their Economical Development, Sciences and scientists, education, sports, reading, art, theatre, entertainment, technology? We are more than capable of competing with the West ONLY IF we are given the chance to solely concentrate on our national development for once in our lifetime. We are in 2006 and we are still busy with trivial matters while we are unconscious that we are unwillingly dragged into slavery .Yes, our children will be slaves for the western civilization, cause 50years from now they would have the education and the money while we have lots of empty lands, bloody memories, uncivilized generations with no empty heads and pockets.

People, these men represent neither Muslims nor Arabs. Please make sure you see things for they really are. Let us differentiate between Lebanon and Hezbollah because the Republic of Lebanon did NOT chose to go through war with Israel, even Israel is not there for the Lebanese because otherwise they would have finished North Lebanon first and not the South where the Hezbollah territory is situated.

Not to mention that the
Republic of Lebanese has its own army, and this is not the army who is fighting the Israelites. The government has not even instructed its army to take any military action, which mean the government knows that Israel is there on a very particular mission.

I am not trying to defend the Israelites. I have no interest in that. This is just an attempt to clarify things here.

Hezbollah: either they would fight their battles as men of honor if they are really defending a principle aslant as they claim the do “7amy 7emah al belad” - which is not the case here, they are trouble makers who are doing it for pure fascism and that is it – or they would just leave governments and nations live in peace and stop pretending like Big Brother because today we can look at Lebanon and be sure that hell they are not what we think they are.

Not all groups of activists are necessarily genuine and true. And not because
Israel is involved in this, we see it is patriotic to blindly support Hezbollah.

However, I am proud to see all these bloggers excited to DO something and believe that WE
can do something about whatever is going on around us. We have a say about what is happening on this planet. I do second what God Father says: ENOUGH SILENCE! You got that so right buddy!

But, I encourage you to think out of the box and judge things from an unprejudiced and independent point of you. Let us not be led as a blind herd, we have brains and we are
more than capable to objectively judge things. Read, analyze, think, hear the other and be fair, then you will be able to reach your personal judgment that is not the ultimate truth by the way, but it is your own way of seeing things.

Let us try to do that, wont hurt no one, on the contrary. At least it you owe it to yourself, mesh keda? :)

God bless you all
Mowaten masry :)

Ragin' Raven said...

RE: Pinky and the brain

Huh.. where do I start? I just have so much to say, but I've said so much and blogged so much and commented and commented during the last couple days that I just feel like this is all not worth it, but in respect to the internet bloggers opinions, I have to say that the internet blogging epidemic has proven to be one of the worst to ever hit this planet, because all it ever spreads aro
und are baseless facts and a lot of bullshit.

I don't know what religion you follow, but the first word to be taught to Prophet Muhammad PBUH was Eqra2.. READ.

First of all, in response to the Hezbullah history that you seem so aware of and have proven that by being so eloquently poised, I must throw in this link in hope that people who DON'T KNOW would read first before assuming things and expressing them as public common knowledge.

it's a fact file from Al Jazeera that can tell you how much Hezbollah has done to keep
Lebanon safe and to secure back its land and what can only be best described as "a country's border". When the UN asked them to disarm after the war was over they didn't, not because they sought threat to other surrounding nations, but because they were that country's standing military force, and before you assume anything please talk to Lebanese people and ask them what they think of Hizbollah because they're the reason why they've been safe and secured for the past seven years. It's true that the Lebanese have their own army, but that's their official statement. It's what some educated people call POLITICS. You need data like this in order not to be totally dependant on a group of people who are not officially enstated by the republic. The Lebanese army is just DATA and everybody alive who READS knows this shit.

Second of all, and I quote first here..

"Till when will we Arabs be distracted with war led by bunches of weirdoes likewise AL Qaeda, Shiites, and Hezbollah…etc" - by Pinky and da brrrrrain.

Shiite?! really?! u gotta be kidding here right? Do you have any idea what Shiite is? They're Muslims who do the same things as I do.. only they have slight modified islamic beliefs. They are divided into several errr cults? denominations? some of which have the same beliefs as Sunnis do only they have contradicting historical notions about al khelafa.. other than that they're the same. Other c
ults or whatever have traditions of beating themselves up on a specific day each year... hmm.. Lebanon has more Shiites than Sunnis FYI.

I don't know what gives some people the right to waltz into the internet and throw inaccurate information in our faces then tell us that they're unbiased and that we should be more open-minded.. and to think out of the box??!!

Let me ask you this... (and I seriously hope you've really went back to factual internet website
s and books and learned more about Hizbullah and Shiites before checking the next questions)

1. How do you feel now? Sheepish? Yeah I hope you do, cos I hate to have people like you speak for my country.

2. Do you even know why Hizbullah kidnapped those two Israeli soldiers? Are you aware that Ghaza and the WB have been severly bombed and a lot of Palestinians die there? Are you aware that hizbullah kidnapped those soldiers requesting immediate cease fire on
gaza and the WB and the release of the hundreds of hostages that they have locked up, and probably tortured in their prisons? Are you aware that America is aiding Israel with weapons?

Are you aware of anything at all?!

This is a complete waste of my time. Go read man. Don't make us look stupid.


I posted this to mark an hour, to move this war a little online... War is never exciting, never ends well.

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