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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Let this war get more exciting...

MechanicalCrowds said...

I am Egyptian, but I am with Israel if they are going to get rid of Hezbollah!

The Godfather said...

Mechanical Crowds... I am sorry but I would simply love to say that announcing it to the world that you are an egyptian is a big insult to all egyptians....

If you had the smallest ounce of respect for any principle, actually if you had principles you wouldn't be the mere ignorant ytou are....

Anywayz it is silence that makes us slaves, well that is bad... What is worth is it is people like you who makes dogs of arabs and every dog will have his day....

And all I would like to say is some people do not know what they speak off, they
are just fools so this is to state that some egyptians know how to suck uo to the west... This is the fucked up minority... And well yeah, Pardon my french here....

The normal respectful people, support
Lebanon and Hezballah...

Pinky & the Brain said...

God Father,

Mechanical crowds doesn’t mean any offense, neither we as Egyptians feel offended nor insu
lted when he said that he supports Israel if they would get rid of Hezbollah. It is crystal clear that we are all heartbroken to see Lebanon in its current condition. But let us not mix things together. Hezbollah have devastated Lebanon when they slipped their leg into a war that has absolutely nothing to do with the Lebanese: government or nation.

Hezbollah is a group of extremists who do not respect no nation, no government and civilians and ethics are the last issues on their bloody barbarian agenda. Enough is enough of their chaotic era; they cannot hide behind our kids and women forever.

Till when will we Arabs be distracted with war led by bunches of weirdoes likewise AL Qaeda, Shiites, and Hezbollah…etc while other nations are totally focused on their Economical Development, Sciences and scientists, education, sports, reading, art, theatre, entertainment, technology? We are more than capable of competing with the West ONLY IF we are given the chance to solely concentrate on our national development for once in our lifetime. We are in 2006 and we are still busy with trivial matters while we are unconscious that we are unwillingly dragged into slavery .Yes, our children will be slaves for the western civilization, cause 50years from now they would have the education and the money while we have lots of empty lands, bloody memories, uncivilized generations with no empty heads and pockets.

People, these men represent neither Muslims nor Arabs. Please make sure you see things for they really are. Let us differentiate between Lebanon and Hezbollah because the Republic of Lebanon did NOT chose to go through war with Israel, even Israel is not there for the Lebanese because otherwise they would have finished North Lebanon first and not the South where the Hezbollah territory is situated.

Not to mention that the
Republic of Lebanese has its own army, and this is not the army who is fighting the Israelites. The government has not even instructed its army to take any military action, which mean the government knows that Israel is there on a very particular mission.

I am not trying to defend the Israelites. I have no interest in that. This is just an attempt to clarify things here.

Hezbollah: either they would fight their battles as men of honor if they are really defending a principle aslant as they claim the do “7amy 7emah al belad” - which is not the case here, they are trouble makers who are doing it for pure fascism and that is it – or they would just leave governments and nations live in peace and stop pretending like Big Brother because today we can look at Lebanon and be sure that hell they are not what we think they are.

Not all groups of activists are necessarily genuine and true. And not because
Israel is involved in this, we see it is patriotic to blindly support Hezbollah.

However, I am proud to see all these bloggers excited to DO something and believe that WE
can do something about whatever is going on around us. We have a say about what is happening on this planet. I do second what God Father says: ENOUGH SILENCE! You got that so right buddy!

But, I encourage you to think out of the box and judge things from an unprejudiced and independent point of you. Let us not be led as a blind herd, we have brains and we are
more than capable to objectively judge things. Read, analyze, think, hear the other and be fair, then you will be able to reach your personal judgment that is not the ultimate truth by the way, but it is your own way of seeing things.

Let us try to do that, wont hurt no one, on the contrary. At least it you owe it to yourself, mesh keda? :)

God bless you all
Mowaten masry :)

Ragin' Raven said...

RE: Pinky and the brain

Huh.. where do I start? I just have so much to say, but I've said so much and blogged so much and commented and commented during the last couple days that I just feel like this is all not worth it, but in respect to the internet bloggers opinions, I have to say that the internet blogging epidemic has proven to be one of the worst to ever hit this planet, because all it ever spreads aro
und are baseless facts and a lot of bullshit.

I don't know what religion you follow, but the first word to be taught to Prophet Muhammad PBUH was Eqra2.. READ.

First of all, in response to the Hezbullah history that you seem so aware of and have proven that by being so eloquently poised, I must throw in this link in hope that people who DON'T KNOW would read first before assuming things and expressing them as public common knowledge.

it's a fact file from Al Jazeera that can tell you how much Hezbollah has done to keep
Lebanon safe and to secure back its land and what can only be best described as "a country's border". When the UN asked them to disarm after the war was over they didn't, not because they sought threat to other surrounding nations, but because they were that country's standing military force, and before you assume anything please talk to Lebanese people and ask them what they think of Hizbollah because they're the reason why they've been safe and secured for the past seven years. It's true that the Lebanese have their own army, but that's their official statement. It's what some educated people call POLITICS. You need data like this in order not to be totally dependant on a group of people who are not officially enstated by the republic. The Lebanese army is just DATA and everybody alive who READS knows this shit.

Second of all, and I quote first here..

"Till when will we Arabs be distracted with war led by bunches of weirdoes likewise AL Qaeda, Shiites, and Hezbollah…etc" - by Pinky and da brrrrrain.

Shiite?! really?! u gotta be kidding here right? Do you have any idea what Shiite is? They're Muslims who do the same things as I do.. only they have slight modified islamic beliefs. They are divided into several errr cults? denominations? some of which have the same beliefs as Sunnis do only they have contradicting historical notions about al khelafa.. other than that they're the same. Other c
ults or whatever have traditions of beating themselves up on a specific day each year... hmm.. Lebanon has more Shiites than Sunnis FYI.

I don't know what gives some people the right to waltz into the internet and throw inaccurate information in our faces then tell us that they're unbiased and that we should be more open-minded.. and to think out of the box??!!

Let me ask you this... (and I seriously hope you've really went back to factual internet website
s and books and learned more about Hizbullah and Shiites before checking the next questions)

1. How do you feel now? Sheepish? Yeah I hope you do, cos I hate to have people like you speak for my country.

2. Do you even know why Hizbullah kidnapped those two Israeli soldiers? Are you aware that Ghaza and the WB have been severly bombed and a lot of Palestinians die there? Are you aware that hizbullah kidnapped those soldiers requesting immediate cease fire on
gaza and the WB and the release of the hundreds of hostages that they have locked up, and probably tortured in their prisons? Are you aware that America is aiding Israel with weapons?

Are you aware of anything at all?!

This is a complete waste of my time. Go read man. Don't make us look stupid.


I posted this to mark an hour, to move this war a little online... War is never exciting, never ends well.

Raven and god father,

Why do you have to use low language and harsh words to prove a point. This is why the world calls us terrorists because of aggressive people like you. Cant you just reply the guy in a decent way?

And after all neither of you is Lebanese nor the President of the World whose talk matters to get us back our lost toursim season, infrasturcture, houses and lost ones.

Pink and brain and Mechanical crowds,

Hezbalah are trouble makers we all know that, history knows tha after the lebanses civil war (i hope no arab nation see this such days) but they do not represent ALL Lebanon they represent syria and iran under the table we all know that, we need them because we do not have a strong army that can stand up for our weak nation. But now it concers Lebanon. We want no war no fighting in our nation. We are so in pain Hezbalah has pushed us into all of this. You have no idea how it is like to be living what you read in the news LIVE. It is not the same. It is very very bad.

Leek ya Lobnan

Dude, how many times are you planning to publish the same comment....

Are you all happy with the learning about the copy/paste thingie... Where shall I find this next?

Naah man..
He's allowed to speak up. Copying and pasting is free.

You also have the right to not read the same comment twice. You can simply shutdown the computer and go polish your Hezbollah banner.

Raven, I have replied to your comment on my blog. I will reply to this too if I get the chance.

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