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Tapping at my chamber door

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My very personal coffee drama

I sipped away and that's when it kicked in; caffeine, my long lasting friend. I sipped and what a ride it was. Picture jumpstarting a human brain with shocks of high voltage and you'll get a very slight image of the boost I inject myself with in order to go on, in order to be a person set and ready for possible human interaction. Renaissance of brain matter, that's what I need, that's what you call morning coffee.

I tried my first shot when I was twelve. I rammed it in with its sandy feel and its tongue twitching taste. Since then, the circus has been open for the public. My mind's all set for the Java Queen to dwell, a shrine for all her highness to concede, a java bean carnival with all sorts of mad pain inducing tricks and games.

That, I fancy!

I keep telling myself I'm too smart to become an addictive personality, but it ain't true. I'm just a big baby boy needing to grab on to his parent's little finger, the finger that looks bigger than the whole wide world to that big baby boy sipping away, carrying my name.

Cuff me up. Loose me into your mighty dark shadow, O Coffee Grail.

I sip away and feel the blood rushing into my weak and sleepy veins, veins that are filled with black liquid disguised in the potion of youth and glory, my ultimate renaissance, story of my life, my gateway to permanent brain rupture. I sip and I shake. I live.

I mesmerize myself into believing that I'll get over it, that's I'll move on. I'll just snooze again and wait until I biologically recover completely. It ain't happening, not to me, it isn't. I am invincible. What doesn't kill me… breaks me, shatters me into pieces, and the pieces keep getting smaller and smaller until they become just another figment of some big baby boy's imagination.

Like with love, I'm just strong enough to hold back on my emotions until they're pointless to have anymore, until my loved one's walked through a different path. That's when I realize that I'm weak, that I can't give up on a dream even when I lose sight of it, even when it's out of the picture, my picture, even when it rolls on to a different frame holding a picture of another man holding its hand.

Story of my life… and the Java bitch tells it so well.

This has to stop. I'm quitting right now. I'm done with all of this. I must move on. Just one more sip and I'm off for good. I'll just sip away, clean off my very personal holy grail, pack my life, and carry on. One more sip. I wish I was just a leafless and old tree. That's it, I'm done.

Just one more sip…


just one more sip, one more sip, and just one more sip...please make us addicts, it's always just one, one more, and so it goes...

we have like hundreds of last sips, and there will always be a next one, even if we may wish and think differently (which is really not the case) at that moment

i guess coffee ain't that bad for you unless you drink it on an empty stomach, and if you really like it...hell let it be ;)

as for giving up part...well sometimes we just have to give up on some things, cos' if we don't they may be more harmful to us than coffee on an empty stomach

some dreams are woth holding on to to, some are not...
everybody knows for themselves if that cup of coffee is worth of it or not, and we won't give up until we see the pointlessness of whatever...

I always have a hard time commenting on your posts! I just start thinking and suddenly i get bored and close the commenting window.

You make me think. (i'm not even that much into coffee)

I don't drink coffee or anything of the sort .
Sometimes i secretly wish i did tho .
With everybody doin' it i feel i'm missin' out !

Yes that was my intention from writing this post; I wanted you, Max, to feel like your life is incomplete. :P

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