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Tapping at my chamber door

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My involuntary Elsewhere

Breathing… is defined as the process of absorbing the required component of Oxygen needed by the body to continue "functioning"… followed by kicking out carbon dioxide along with all the stress, pressure, tension, hatred, and pain that the body tends to endure. Breathing… is, simply, inhale and exhale. Recently, I've picked on a habit of inhaling and packing it all in. I've become an owner of one of those hall mart chain stores storing all consumer goods in, products that nobody wants to buy. I've been needing to sell out. I've been needing to exhale.

There comes a time in the middle of my day where I wish I could just shut my eyes and dream away, off to the magical and free Elsewhere I once seemed to have. The Elsewhere I could function properly in, where I could simply breathe like other living things. But like all living organisms, I have matured. I have evolved, or maybe I have learned to adapt. When shit happens you either fight or adapt. This process that happens in our day to day lives is called survival. I closed my eyes, I dreamed away, and off I went…

A dream is defined as a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. And when they included the word involuntarily there, they sincerely meant it. It's when you allow full control to the other party causing that dream. It's when you totally feel free to experience whatever images and emotions and feelings that come along. It's when you totally give in. It's when you totally… give up.

And so I dreamed away… and I landed here. Beautiful scenery, wild forest strawberry flavor, non-stop music, my all-natural high. But what good will this bring if someday I wake up and fade it all out? I've become addicted, a junkie… needing more, needing out. Locking myself up in my room, excluding myself away from all there is. Injecting myself for hours with this pure cocaine shot that I find myself favoring over everything else. My savior… My Elsewhere.

Darwin, you were right. I've matured and evolved. I've come to realize that every dream has its price. At one point I thought that the constant need, the addiction, was the price I'd pay… but no. I've never been so wrong. The price I'd have to pay is knowing that, someday, this will all be over; that someday, I'm going to have to force my eyes open from this fantasy; that someday, I'm going to have to pull the needle out of my arm, my head, my heart. Have that ecstasy pill extracted out of my all. Burn down my Elsewhere village and throw myself in its rising flames.

I keep telling myself that I'll be fine, I'll manage, and I'll mature again. I'll find my way. I'll just adapt back to my real world and live on wondering where my dreams will be taking me next.

I'll accept all consequences… no matter what the results are.

I've already exhaled.


no1 has evr been able 2 take away one's dreams.... for dreamin is "involuntary", but wakin up is not!

but then again if I don't wake up then I'm probably dead don't you think :-P

thn again ur dead neways whether u choose 2 live inside or outside,cuz when u adapt my friend is wen u kill ur spirit, don u think?

Spirit is also the thing they use to make liquor. So I guess I was right. I quote myself when I say that "Gin is the answer to everything".

oh well, now ur back on the rt track! i'll have 2 say im totally in... liquor makes u high, drives u "elsewer"...... :))

yeah totally..

too bad I don't drink though :-P

ths is y u "dream"...

Drinking is way easier though.. hmm.. u know what.. I'm picking on a new habit now :-D

:))) good luck thn bt b prepared 2 exhale thou
.... :)

when you wake up your dreams dissappear you never know if you could catch them again,and they are so beautiful even more because they are involuntary.
and yes you can wake up when you wish to, but what if you never want to cos' the dream is too beautiful you wish you could live in it forever, so waking up becomes an involuntary thing too, you have to wake up sometime eventhough...
and all that is left is adapting. and your spirit might as well be dead.
you can bring it alive with some liquor though, bring all the beautiful dreams in your life but this sensation lasts shortly when you discover that you are adapted that your soul is dead.
dream as long as you can this is the only thing wirth living for...
i don't wanna wake up eighter...


So are you saying that Gin isn't the answer to everything? cos this hit me as shocking news to me :-O

well live and learn, you can still try maybe it will do miracles to you,b ut still i think it ios better never to stop dreaming

How about drunk dreaming?! Wouldn't that be a sight? :-P

Are there any laws against that?

now you're being silly, well if you want to be a drunk go ahead, there is no law that would prevent you from this

Okay I'll get drunk but then I know how i'll feel in the morning when I'm sober, hangovered, and dreamlessed back into the ugly reality.

I'll be fine

I'll manage :-D

Life's a bitch and shit happens

and i think you should get drunk soon
i'm inviting you, we will get drunk together, we will bond in a way that only drunk people can, cos' nothing bring people closer together than throwing up while holding eachothers hands

Umm.. you know what, I think I'm going to stick with dreaming sober... thank you very much.


well i knew you'll come around
i just had to use the right words, but i bet i can change your mind all over again.
what if i said naked we would be naked, drinking together naked alcohol naked, naked naked naked
well tell me

I won't fall into that trap again. I'm too smart for that naked..

i bid you naked naked..

you can resist the words but could you resist the reality?
what if...
what if naked naked naked weren't just words what if this was an offer, an offer you just missed and there's no way back

Umm.. I can always invent a time machine and go back in time.
naked time...

you wish

you know what.. i think booboo would talk like that.. or at least his people.. sounds like a bushman language or something..

naked naked..

well booboo and his tribe have style
i guess there is a little booboo in everyone of us
wouldn't you agree?

yeah totally..

You think booboo should go to Europe too?

Booboo's trip to Europe :-P

yes he should but he wouldn't be offering any shoulders there i think, he would offer sth else i think ;)

Yeah Booboo and his magik stick.. err... square :-P

well you don't have to tell me i have already seen it

Umm.. the webcam I hope..

Booboo blushing..

no blush, too late now, bombonbin no laugh, at least booboo not hear bombonbin laugh
booboo cool boooboo use webcam, no should use if blush late

Screw webcam. Screw Booboo. Booboo blame bombonkin for sending webcam away.

webcam can come back, but what would booboo do when it comes?

Booboo talk to monkey. Booboo talk to bird. Booboo see Bombonbin and wave hello :P

bombonbin say hello too
no good for only wave
must do monkey, bird faces, noises be funny
no just wave

booboo no want to do monkey. booboo no want webcam no more. Bombonbin scare booboo away

bombonbin cry no want to scare booboo, no need webcam, no scare booboo. booboo still likke bombonbin?

yeah bombonbin's alright. Rock ON lol

bobonbin happy, no cry no more, now rock on

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