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Darwin, you asshole

You should have stuck to becoming a doctor man. As it turns out, Darwin skipped out of med school because he couldn't stand the sight of blood. He provided the evolution of species theory and natural selection and all that bunch of crap to fuck with the heads of all generations to come. So assuming Chuckie was operating a life risking surgery and fainted at the sight of blood, leading to the death of the poor guy on the table, then at least he wouldn't have discussed his random bullshit ideas out to the public. And the funny thing is… people actually bought that. Then again, maybe it isn't that funny. People tend to fall for anything these days, huh.

His notion basically "assumed" that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. A theory that is similar in nature to the Big Bang theory that atheists tend to fall for. I wouldn't judge them though. It's easier to believe that we were all a part of one big star once that exploded to form galaxies and life forms than to go learn about the reason behind the crucification of Christ or study about how and why Islam got spread out through Europe some time in the past or the story behind the Weeping Wall or why Buddha, a man who lived in celibacy and abstained from the fruits of life and renounced demon and food, was as fat as he was. Whether he was meditating or if he simply couldn't move his weight.

Chuck's presumption had something to do with the development of life from non-life and stressed a purely naturalistic "descent with modification". i.e. complex creatures evolve from simpler ancestors naturally over time. Mutations that would aid survival. Natural selection? I can't keep writing where I'm getting at here. The idea freaks me out. Darwin, fuck you.

It's like at the beginning of the ice age that none of us experienced, some animals managed to survive that and some just couldn’t. Come to think about it, haven't people lived for ages and ages near the poles of our mutating planet? Have they managed to grow more hair over the bodies along the decades, generation after the next? Have they grown fur? What about people who live closer to the equatorial line? Have they grown natural Ray Bans and Johnson's sun blocks? Where's your natural selection, Chuckie? Where's your fucking proof? Or is it just another proof-less idea that people need to believe? Another miracle-less religion for our generation to follow?!

I need to stop running Chuck's theory through my head. I need to provoke as much disbelief as I can… because if it's true? Then we're all fucked. It's 2006 now. Every nation hates the other. Global warming is at its prime. Evolving? The ozone gets fucked over and over every day like a worn out hooker. Arabs fear Americans, Americans fear Bush, Europeans fear Americans, Israelis fear Palestinians and vice versa, Arabs fear Arabs, Canadians fear South Park. If I tell people that I'm an Arab then it becomes evident that I'm going to blow myself up any second now. Like there's an invisible timer across my fucking forehead. The French government decided to restrain Muslim women from wearing veils and Jews from wearing their kippots in order to avoid discrimination. It's not a black and white issue anymore. If only things were that clear. It's all colors against the rest. An eye for an eye. One nation for all. WW2 ended with the dropping of the atom bomb. That happened like SIXTY FUCKING YEARS AGO. People have tried to avoid war since then. I can't imagine what kind of armory "they" hold back in "their" secret underground labs, waiting for something to happen. "They" have become the Greek mythological monster that governments hoaxed people with in an attempt to help the emperor lead. The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. The UN has had its rules and policies. Tariffs, quotas, red tape, yellow tapes, embargo. They walked over Iraq in search for bombs they couldn't find. That's probably when George W. Bush said 'Bummer. I'll try and go look in Iran instead.' Could it be possible that there are no bombs? Could it be that there is no Osama Bin Laden? That perhaps he died of, huh, natural selection, years ago? When will this search for that imaginary white rabbit end? With hurricanes and earthquakes and floods and avian flu and mad cows and wars and hatred, is this natural selection in process? Are we undergoing it as we speak? We stopped eating chicken and eggs and meat. We try to hold our breath when we get held up in traffic jams, striving to avoid pollution. How long do we have to keep holding our breath, fingers crossed, and hoping for the best? Is the future what they tend to show in Hollywood Sci-Fi feature films where people live in space colonies, consuming vitamins and carbohydrate/protein capsules? Are they giving us hints? Are those films supposed to be signs? How rich will we need to become in order to afford such a life? Would this even be called life or should we start calling it survival? Who will get then to "naturally select" those who get to live there and those who get to stay behind on our ever mutating green planet?

Darwin, where are we heading to? If only you were here, I'd ask you to tell me whether I deserve to be naturally selected. Am I good enough? Will my presence affect those who live around me, those who know me? I demand my mutation. If only you were here we'd have given you a pen and a piece of paper and asked you to decide for us who gets to go and who doesn't.

If only you were here, Chuck…

I'd kick your ass!!

Agree Buddy....
Darwin Fuck You....
Great Piece man, I read it two more times today and I am freaking laughing like never....
And dude... you use the word fuck far too much.....

it's fucking annoying.

Yeah, it is pretty fucking annoying man, would u please fucking stop using the word fucking too fucking much... Well it is entertaining when I use it...

i'm glad someone is using the word fuck when i'm gone i'm happy to see the word is not left behind just because of me so 'im here now
here's to the word fuck:
just be fucked you fuckin' fuck word

we should tell more people to go and fuck themselves, and if we are lucky someone will see our mistakes someday and tell US to go and fuck ourselves.
well chuck is a cruel fella
and if he's that cool then he should have the nerves to send us all to hell

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