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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Excuse my French

There's a song that goes something like 'Everyday I wake I die a little… Everyday I fucking wonder why a little… Everyday we say goodbye'. Was the singer referring to some bitch that dumped him? Did she deserve those sweet, pathetic words? No one does. Humans are shallow and weak and fragile. It's in our nature to cry and sob over some poor bitch or some asshole who wouldn't answer back our calls or if someone we'd die for forgot our birthday. Sometimes it's even in our nature to try and hide our sensitivity and affection by pretending to be the absolute asshole who doesn't give two shits about life and romance and… well, fuck it.

Fuck everything that's great about you. Fuck those people you need to survive. Fuck your pain cos we've all got our own, so fucking deal with it. Fuck those who think you're just as shallow as the rest of the flock. Fuck those girls whom you feel you need to impress just so you can feel all manly and normal like the rest of the herd. Fuck you and your spilled milk that you seem to have trouble cleaning up without your "supposedly funny" pointless comments. Fuck all blogs that seem to say shit about us that others don't get but seem to need to quote and applaud like they've witnessed a miracle when it's been nothing but total bullshit of the mind. Fuck all the pointless conversations that people have in order to fucking share the need… Get some reality check, babe. Open your fucking eyes. See the hints and clues cos they're everywhere like fucking moth to a fucking flame up your ass. Fuck everything that seems beautiful but turns out to be as hollowed inside as a fucking bitch that's been screwed a million times over by the same fucking "pimp". Fuck our generation and its political regimes and emotional stress of all kinds. Fuck the Middle East problem. Fuck the oil and fuck all corporate slaves. Fuck those who think I'm special and fuck those who think I'm not. Fuck my tarnished halo which I seem to have misplaced somewhere. Fuck you if you don't own a mirror cos you don't know what shit you've been missing. Take a good look at yourself cos you're as much of a fucking scam as the very next person on my fucking black list. Fuck my black list and every name involved. Fuck you if you think you deserve to be on it and fuck you if you think you're lucky you're not cos every dog gets its day. Fuck your school principal who wouldn't get you admitted cos you've spent the entire admission interview quietly sitting there, judging. Fuck those bullies in school who thought they were too cool to let you join their football team. Fuck Cambridge University for giving you a C in English and an A in Arabic. Fuck the Egyptian high education council for not considering the Cambridge university Arabic degree as certifiable. Fuck the Gypo college accounting professor for not giving two shits about some poor guy who's father was paralyzed and not letting him pass until his father dropped in and kissed his hand. Fuck all Godfathers out there. It's not the looks that make you all powerful and multi-colored brilliant. It's a character thing and you don't have it. Fuck those who can't freeze their emotions when they seriously have to. Fuck you for not knowing how hard it is to be nice to someone as fucked up as you are. Fuck you for not seeing who the asshole is and who's not. Fuck your parents for not buying you that guitar when you were 13. Fuck the doctor who said that your father needed open-heart surgery when you just got a new job and had saved a few thousands for your euro trip. Fuck you and your euro trip. Fuck you and your certified bullshit certificates. Fuck education and fuck ignorance. Fuck the poor souls who are reading this piece of crap. Fuck you and your thank you notes. Fuck satellite channel subscriptions for asking you to pay to watch the 2006 world cup tournament in Germany. There was a time when football was free. Is air next in line at the cashier lineup? Fuck air and, while we're at it, fuck the cashier too. Fuck western movie producers who land me the role of playing the villain. Fuck you and your cowboy hat. Take it off and let's see how heroic you are underneath. Make me proud, you fucking piece of shit. Fuck parking lots that charge you for parking at the end of the alley. Fuck you and your feeling of betrayal. No one deserves so much. Fuck you for making me repress all of this fucking anger. It is but rage that runs my engine. Fuck my headaches. Fuck my blocks. Fuck you for feeling guilty about the Middle East problem. In fact, fuck you for making me feel guilty about all of the above.

Fuck you for bringing me tears I never thought I had.

Blog inspired by Spike Lee's 25th hour

so fuck me all over - the whore who is waiting undressed to get a great fuck - we'll i guess she has to go and fuck herself then

ummm...aside from all the profanities and they HIGHLY odd comment above...i really enjoyed reading this. You're right, we all have our own problems and we should shut the hell up and not share them with people.

yes not share them...
just think whatever about someone, swallow everything they feed us. Sorry i'm not a hypocrite i tell people what i think i don't just go smiling at their faces and thinking: fuck you.

The funny thing is five people contacted me asking me if I was referring to them on this piece. I guess this piece's only advantage is that it proves how personal can bullshit of the mind get? For the record, I didn't refer to any of you on this one. I have only a limited number of friends since i tend to get really picky about them, so I really don't think I'd rish losing my friends by insulting their being in public.

If there's anything I ever wrote that hurt anybody there, then... well, I am sincerely sorry. You deserve better.

This is fun.... I can't stop laughing and I actually wanna make a funny comment... I just can't get to figure out what it is... So five people huh.... Nice...

Umm.. So what was your comment again?!
And..well, yeah FIVE, as in 1 2 3 4 and 5.

and don't worry, I'm not drunk, my vision isn't getting blury. FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE... but thanks again for bringing that up!!

I bet 9 out of 10 people would probably delete this piece after the -ve action it's created, but I guess I'm one of the ones who wouldn't.

So, basically, if you want to read it over and over and over again just to make sure nothing else relates to you, then fine, if it makes you happier.

and btw, you're allowed to hate me if that would even bring a little hope into solving the Middle East problem.

ohh well, this is a side of u i don get 2 see much of it online, yet i do find u sexy wen ur pissed! god bless u.... :) ur the nations hope!

you should have seen him having fun with angels in heaven
yeah baby
come on...
that's real fun

Sexy, huh?!
Well, I guess I must try and get all outrageous and furious more often then..

Fear my sex appeal when I'm angry..

umm.. and regarding the angel thing, you promised you'd keep that a secret. Now they ALL know why I pretend to be all spiritual and shit..

hey no one fears of it, the anonymus actually liked it. she/he called you: ur the nations hope! i guess you'll be having a lot of work getting all the egyptian pleased, at least i'll know why you're not coming online

I don't think anonymous is gonna let this one slide you know..

She's going to come back for you and hunt you down..

we'll you better hope that the anonymus isn't a he, and i think you're being called sexy here not me, so if some man will be after you take my advice: run for your life unless you're into that shit

Umm.. I think I'll let anonymous speak for me here..
hoping she's who I think she is..

still hoping it's a she ha?
well don't be surprised...
but i hope that the person will soon make it all clear for us.
well still i'm not afraid even if some chick commes back for me and hutnts me down but still YOU are being sexy here and if anyone will be hunted it's you my dear.
and yes well if the person really want's me to join, come and talk to me first and we'll come to some compromise.

Well said... I thank you all for the attention. Now I know that getting all pissed do come in handy.

From now on, RAGE will be my last name... and my first name. In fact, it won't be rage that people feel when they're angry. They'll be feeling me inside..

yes you would like people to feel you inside them ha?
even men?
well it's your life do as you're pleased as long as you enjoy

I don't think I can comment on that..
however, I'd have to strike out the word men from your comment cos it makes me want to delete, not only this blog, but everything i've ever written in my life, even my ABCs test I took when I was.. err.. four probably.

and by inside.. i am also not referring to people having me inside as in.. wanting to puke after eating some rotten food or whatever..

err.. enough said.. now go to bed and stop harrassing me.

well you tend to forget that men too can read your posts
you are your nations hope so you should be making all the poeple happy and that means you should continue writting not only for your nations sake but also for the sake of every single persno on this world
"and by inside.. i am also not referring to people having me inside as in.. wanting to puke after eating some rotten food or whatever.." well if this is how one would feel while having you inside the i think that anonymus should forget about ever calling you sexy
and if you want me to go to bed stop replying

No no.. if i lead this world into the ultimate salvation, I'm gonna go all crazy and discriminate as much as I can. All men would be sent off for public execution. I'll be the only one left. Umm.. i don't know about you, but if I were the only man left, even if I was a source of massive group therapy puking, I'd still be very very sexy I think.

There you do.. I'm done now. Care to follow me to the ultimate salvation of the soul? :-P

"Umm.. i don't know about you, but if I were the only man left, even if I was a source of massive group therapy puking, I'd still be very very sexy I think." yes if you were the only man, you would be everything you would be a god, it wouldn't matter how you looked like, nothing would matter you would be sexy anyways. and if you don't know about me, well i hate to seing myself as the only man on the planet, i'm not into women and i couldn't be gey, and well i couldn't accept my body i guess
yes i could follow you, be your manager to keep you away from all the women so they wouldn't tear you appart, you being the only source of satisfaction



i can't wait...

i think you would soon get bored of the whole situation.
and by saying all the women i meant all the women: young, old, sexy, ugly, hairy, smelly...
just don't be that excited over it

Umm.. I don't mind. In order to lead, you must be ready to make sacrifices.

and I very much intend on leading.

ok then you deserve to be a god, an ultimate source of plesure, well i don't know if i could handel your job, now i really admire you.

I don't know about God.. since I still do believe in him and always will, but...well, you can still bow to me when we're in the same room.. so...

u know wen i first rote ths comment i didnt know i would end up givin u material 2 discuss all nite long or half of it atleast! now whether im a man or a women guess ths is just the reason y i signd up as anonymous ;) bt thn again, could a man adress another man as "sexy".... naaaaa, nt unless im gay! n tht also i guess will remain a mystry until i choose nt to... i know i aint helpin u raven here but still wht do u think of "Ragin Ravin" as a nickname? man sounds even sexier... :))) guess all ths shit has just brought up more responsibilty upon u raven so do ur best 2 "please" ur ppl...
Sooooo long!

well i will, when we'll be in the same room, but too much time would pass until then, if we ever even will be in the same room. and i forget things like that, so you'll have to remind me to bow to you, but you'll have to remind me before we meet so that i make sure i don't wear anything with a big cleavage...or maybe even not i guess i could still get your attention back if i said naked a few times.

Umm.. Naked? Cleavage? Sexy?

I don't think I can handle all that lol

Excuse my French :-P

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