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Tapping at my chamber door

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And then the summer was over...

I tell everybody including myself to live their lives with no regrets. Well, I wish I could tell you that I've been totally honest about that, but I haven't. I regret education. I learned about chemistry and all that I can remember right now is that water is H2O. I hated biology but all that I can remember is that all living things are categorized according to the King Phillip Come Out For God's Sake theory... and... well, I picked that line up from a movie so it basically had nothing to do with schooling. I also remember most of the chapter that had to deal with human reproduction. I was 12 when we did that at school, I think, and I still remember mostly everything there is to know about it. I guess the human mind is a dangerous tool. When someone says physics, all I can remember is that some dude had his head hit by an apply decades ago, I think biology had something to do with his bleeding head, not physics. I wouldn't know. Grammar was kinda boring, I thought. I was surprisingly good at it at some point, but now I'm glad if I could remember whether my name is actually a verb or proverb. My high school teacher just hit me with a frying pan telling me that it's neither, so I guess I'm back to my old and easy ABCs now. That's like twelve years down the drain I think. Then came four more years of college, which I seem to have learned more in school than there in that large auditorium. What a shameful waste!!

So have I learned anything from school? Well, I learned that bullies can be rather mean to you if you're small in size and have no friends. I learned that being nice and quiet doesn't serve you any good if you're too nice to the teacher who keeps using you to set examples about how a student can be punished even if he hasn't really done anything worth punishment. I learned that no matter how hard you work, how hard you study, and how late you stay up, you're always gonna be the potential scapegoat and you're gonna grow up into being the same old piece of shit you would have grown up to be without education at all. Ignorance is bliss!!

I would have had more time to play football which might have resulted into me going professional with that. I would have had more time to hang out with cool drug addicts, become all rich and famous. I would have spent more time playing video games. I was really good with that Street Fighter arcade. I even tried some of the moves, but I hurt my ankle and had to stay home for two days from school. I owe the arcades. With more practice, who knows, I may have been able to become a real street fighter. Kawabangaaaaa!!

Basically, it wasn't books that made me the way I am. I wasn't born smart either. Come to think about it, am I even smart? Hmmm... I keep benchmarking my friends on a dumbest to smartest scale... and, by the law of averages, I think I'm pretty smart considering the fact that e=mc2 or whatever. Some people find me intimidating, even though I may have waved goodbye to educations four years-to-the-date ago. I'm not a certified accountant. I don't have an advanced degree in medicine and I don't give two shits about law. But I do know that life's taught me things you can't read about in books. Life's taught me that I can brag about being illiterate if I want to, just as long as I don't get bullied anymore. Life's taught me that my nightmares are my subconscious playing arcades in the middle of my sleep and that I shouldn't even bother. Life's taught me that dreams don't have to come true for those who achieve higher education. Life's taught me that the definition of a dream is that thing you wanted to be when you were ten. Money does not realize dreams, my friend. Sacrificing your twenty year old dream for another doesn't make you wiser, but only makes it easier for you to sell anything and anybody out, even yourself. That is, if you even had a dream when you were a stupid little thing.

Bottom line, screw your post graduate degree, screw your BS in BS, screw your school, and I know I wish I could screw my English language teacher since she was a babe. You're thinking of saving up to send your kids off to college? Well...


I thought you were educated enough to figure the answer out for yourself, but hey... education doesn't make men and it doesn't perform miracles.

You're just that stupid... so deal with it!!

Maybe you are right... Bottom line is everyone could excel with or without education as long as he is not bulied and I wanna see it when you become a Guile or a Zangief and maybe you could get your Chunli.... I never knew I remembered those names.... So thanks for letting me know more about myself....

Great piece, great work...

you bioliogy classes most have been interesting, did you have the practic part too? lol
and the reproduction theory man they really told you everything. i mean the way you use words like: dominant sex master… with my charms and my whips…
i wish i would be a part of that kind of education
i mean porn would be a good place to start, but it would be even better to have a special subject of that in school

yeah and i liked the non-reproduction part too, expecially the sum-up

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