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Tapping at my chamber door

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Booboo za medicine man

Me name is Booboo. Me do magik. Me worship long wood sing. Long wood sing has many faces. A face wiz a bird. A face wiz a monkey. A face wiz a weird sing. Me not like weird sing. Me talk for monkey head. Me talk for bird head. Me love zem. Me wear mask of tiger. Me do magik to heal poor pepul. u call me preest. I call me Booboo.

Me head no like you. u talk funny. u talk shoo polishiks. You bring one and one and one chief. u talk funny for one and one and one and one our. And zen you start srowing sings on ze azar. u savage creetshurs. Me no like.

Me go to Diznyland. Many small pepul. In island, big pepul eat small pepul. Me wear tiger mask. Me talk to monkey. Me talk to bird. Small pepul saloot Booboo. Small pepul want otogograf. What is ototograf? Wachuti voodoo? Me see white light from gods. Me scared now. Me hold fetish. Me talk to bird. Me talk to monkey. Monkey say Booboo must eat small pepul. Big pepul attack from far. Big pepul call Booboo "terrorist".

Me go home. Big pepul like Booboo. Booboo want no outside. Me like home. Me like big pepul. Big pepul sick? Booboo talk to monkey. Me talk to bird. Me heal big pepul. Booboo and pepul make fire in one and one and one and one day. Booboo and pepul srow long wood sing in fire.

Booboo and pepul make long wood sing day after now.

hy booboo, bombonbin takin hiar, man me look a lot for booboo. you do medicine. me ill. you cure? come, no good, need medicine. you bring mask, we play when i fell well. me be nice to you. me no attack. me like booboo, no hurt

me afraid of bombonbin. me make majik. Majik try to make Bombonbin go. bonbombin stays. Me cry. booboo fukitol..

booboo kill bombonbin? me cry me go away me no talk to you? you no need to kill me fukitol myself

Booboo said WELL?? Booboo happy. Booboo is lingualistiks. Booboo likes Bombonbin. Bombonbin has gun. Booboo scared.

bombonbin no have gun, no like gun, no scare booboo, bombonbin know booboo no trust her, not give her appertment key

Booboo live in cave. No apartment key. what iz apartment? What is key?
Booboo trust bombonbin more than Watchutu. Booboo feels bad no headset

booboo like all more than Watchutu me no think yu say gud sing

booboo know haedset? booboo advanced wow
me like booboo more booboo have webcam? booboo lend? bombonbin do webcam sex

Booboo has no telephone. Booboo know no internet. Booboo bring wood sing, make wood square. Booboo put water in square. Booboo see Booboo in water. Booboo call sqaure webcam. Booboo no webcam sex with square. Booboo hurt peepee.

but booboo a medicine man, no bad hurt peepee booboo make it all better,
bombonbin no sex with square

booboo srow peepee in water. Booboo put spider on sqaure. Spider make web. Booboo has webcam. Booboo put webcam in place of peepee.

bombonbin not sure to understant
not sure if want to understand

Booboo wants to srow webcam away. Webcam is only sing left in there.. Peepee float far in sea

Gosh this feels horrible.. I think I shouldn't post this.. hmm.. but thenagain.. Booboo isn't me so.. screw Booboo.


peepee watch out for sharks bombonbin feel sorry
sending booboo away

Booboo said too much. Booboo talk many. Booboo talk less now. Booboo trust Bombonbin wiz secret. Bombonbin break Booboo's heart wiz long majik stik into pieces.

no in pieces
no break
bombonbin gentle, no break
if so
nostick now
no heart now
bombonbin fault

Booboo feel better. Bonbonbin cure Booboo wiz wordz. Majik wordz. Booboo no more priest.
Bombonbin rule!!

yes rule, booboo help, both rule
do majik

So what kind of majik are we talking about here?

well majik, to cure people, make poeple feel better

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