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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Deep vicinity of absolute bullshit

When I was sixteen, the age of naturally self-inflicted stupidity, I was obsessed with the idea of liberty. I raved about it everywhere, saying that I'm too good for all of this, that I'm worth much, much more. I was young then, I was stupid. I had dreams of becoming this and that. I had what I've later come to define as pseudo ambition. All things change in due time, or so they say, or so I've come to believe, sadly.

They call it their bill of rights. Look deeper and there it is, their first amendment.

'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'

Years passed. I've grown. I'm a man now. I've wasted away my youth rebelling against my life and standing up for fake ideas and magazine covers. I thought I was defending a good cause, holding that bill in my right hand and holding tight to my sword in my left, but I was wrong. I forgot to read the bill through, that bill that I run through its pages today only to find that it's an S&M porn magazine. I was young. I was stupid. I try to fool myself into believing that I held on to that magazine in purpose, that I enjoyed holding on porn since I was a teenager, but one can't fool himself too much.

For one to be great you have to stand up for your reality, not for your dream. This is how you achieve your true greatness. My dream was to run away from my life, to run to some fantasy I've chased for so long and now have started to believe that it might all be figments of my own imagination, my own creation. They lied to me.

They told me that I could have any name, but they'd reject my visa application if Mohamed was found there or if I forget to shave off my beard. They told me that religion doesn't matter, but now they shove their fingers into my face, reject my job application, invade my country, and call me names. They do those things hiding behind their first amendment. They're providing pseudo freedom to their multi racial drugged population. They kill my kind believing that it's for a good cause. They're banishing terrorists. They're bringing liberty and freedom to the world. Well, guess what ol' champ? I don't feel free. You hold your banner up high and march the world towards us. How free should I be? How safe am I supposed to be? Should I run, hide in some underground cave, leave home and my own personal bill of rights? Would you promise me freedom if I carried that star spangled pirate flag for you? Would you promise me salvation if I accepted your proposal, if I agreed to be your human shield against the perilous fight? Would you promise me sovereignty if I exercised my right to shut the fuck up, if I let you walk over my dead body while you march towards my home, my family? Would you promise me liberty fries?

Your star spangled banner doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I gave up on it; I gave up on you, years ago. I am no longer young and I'm no longer stupid.

Wake up and smell the time bomb you're creating. Your definition of the word freedom has flaws in it. Your 9/11 is self induced. Saddam is of your own creation. He's your excuse for an invasion. You are your own nuclear war threat. Osama doesn't even exist. Your justified notion of freedom is but a wound that's self inflicted. You are the terrorist whom I fear. You are the warlord, only you've made it sound officially UN-viable.

I hear tapping at my door now. I hear soldiers marching on towards my room. I feel their presence, their guns surrounding me. I feel their chains shackling me up, their dark holes, their free, free world.

Shut me up… Shut me up now. Throw me into your hole where no one can see the truth. Throw me into the deep vicinity of your alleged freedom. Throw me there where I can mourn.

Hats off to the lords of slavery, with their twisted facts n fake ID....

Or you can just come to Canada and buy huge sums of fertilizer...that'll throw you into THEIR deep vicinity of alleged freedom.

how wonderful you expressed yourself, what power you showed, emotion
i really felt it
sorry i'm bad at expressing myself rigth now but i'm with you on this

A lot of people should because this is not a political statement. Politics got us no where. There's no use of commenting on world events anymore. I just want my rights as a human being, my first goddamn ammendment.

i agree but all we have is our words, and this is the only way we can get what we want, and still there is little hope we will get it

Hope is not the answer soldier.

GIN is the answer.

Join arms with me and lets march towards their deep bullshit pile :P

well..I dunno what that means.. but I kinda don't like where we're heading to.

i'm a soldier noW?
i mean: sir, yes, sir, hope is no answer

if it would take only me and you...
how wonderful would this world be, there would be no pile of bullshit

Hmm.. i can always command more than just one soldier you know. Actually since you're the only soldier I've got so far, please go and get some people to join my unbreakable army and I'll march you to.. err.. total oblivion probably.. it'd still be fun :P

it's always fun

i'm not a slave here you're establishing an army you get new recruits and don't push me around cos if you do i'll leave and won't even come back when i'm hungry ;P

Naah women don't just leave. First, they have to torture you, make you starve, make you beg, then run you down with their car, and after they've had all their fun... they wouldn't kill you.. they'd leave you there to think about how guilty you should feel.

So.. I think I'd worry if I have you as my soldier :P

first you recrut me, then you insult me, then you throw me away, am i not human?

sorry that was me before

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