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Tapping at my chamber door

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Tick Away

And the clock went ticking and I couldn't sleep. I force my eyes shut fooling myself into believing that by doing that I won't hear the regular ticking that's driving me insane. Nothing seems to work. I lie there in bed waiting for a sleep to seize me, for a miracle to happen, for the batteries to run out. I wait and I wait… then I start counting everybody's imaginary sleeping friends, Sheep, but the farm is locked down and deserted and all the sheep are dead. I find myself settling for counting the ticking just so I would know how long have I been waiting there.

Tick tock… and a little more ticks.

You wait in somebody's uterus for your time to be served. You wait in a cradle for a feeding breast. You wait for a year for Santa's gifts. You wait at school for your favorite teacher to pick you out. You wait for what seems like decades for a boring class to be dismissed. You wait for break-time then for your parents to pick you up. You wait for your secret crush to ask you for the prom. You wait, home by yourself, for pizza delivery on prom night. You wait for graduation then you wait for a job interview. You wait for the clock to strike nine on your first day at your new job. You wait at work for the clock to hit five. You wait for a chance to ask some hot babe down at purchasing. You wait for your date at some fancy restaurant then you wait for the food that you've ordered 45 minutes ago to be served. You wait for a chance to kiss her goodnight.

Tick tock… and a little more ticks.

And the clock went ticking… I couldn't think. I sit at my desk at work, striving to concentrate at whatever it is that I'm doing. No hope. It went ticking… Tick then Tock… that's when you get the feeling that the clock's hanging there, ticking, just for you. Balancing your moves and counting your days on earth. I scratch something that I can't remember out of the page… and I start drawing, sketching a beautiful day, a house, a tree, and a smiling sun, a standard five year old's imagination, struggling like a five year old hero to drift my mind off the ticking that again drives me insane.

Tick tock… and a little more ticks.

You wait for retirement and your lazy ass and ultimate pension plan. You wait for your bonds to mature. You wait for the three little words. You wait for an email to be answered or for an SMS to be delivered. You wait for the release of your favorite movie's sequel. You wait for the film to start. You wait for someone to recognize your true talent at work and promote you to top management where you think you belong. You wait for your crush to recognize your true greatness and overlook all your flaws. You wait for pizza delivery. You wait for mp3 download. You wait for your instant messenger to alert you that "they" are here. You wait until your absolute age relative maturity, but the ticking is just too fast and not too fair, not too fair at all.

Tick tock… and a little more ticks.

And the clock went ticking and I couldn't breath. I coughed it all out, hour after another. The clock is matching my heartbeat until I can no longer decide which beat is the sound of my true heart.

Tick tock… and little more ticks

You wait at the kitchen for the chicken to be cooked. You wait for your flu to cure. You wait at the doctor's office for the results on your tests for a fatal disease. You wait at the courtroom for some judge to decide whether you deserve to live among other 'survivors of the wait'. You wait in prison for your time to be served. You wait for your baby boy to start calling you Daddy. You wait for him to turn 21 so he can become the best friend you've always wanted, always waited for. You wait for their unreturned calls. You wait for your very first grandchild. You must have waited in operation room 2B for your pacemaker to be installed… then you spend the rest of your life waiting for two years to pass until you have to go back and reinstall new pacemaker batteries. You wait for death to make you feel alright. You wait for your prayers for heaven to be answered. You spend your life waiting for some time to be served, for the ticks to be gone, for the sand to run out. You wait and you wait… then you wait a bit more…

I should have removed the goddamn batteries, but the ticking drove me insane.

"You wait for your prayers for heaven to be answered. You spend your life waiting for some time to be served, for the ticks to be gone, for the sand to run out. You wait and you wait… then you wait a bit more…"
you wait for your death ha?
well our life is just one big waiting...
now i startet to quote myself ;)
we share the same thoughts

and now officially i will open this comment page for you to say if you too hate the ticking of your clocks
cos' i hate it too and i wonder if me and raven are just strange or there is more of us

so please tell

Well, you know we can always establish an ticking hate club. We can crash into Big Ben, break into apartments and smash all clocks and wrist watches.



(Suddenly, I feel strangely observed in pitty)

you should
you went too far here man
the ones who don't hate ticking have the right to own a clock, i mean you shouldn't think less of them just because they are deaf :P
it would be way better if we got together i would bring gin, you would bring some tonic others if there are any would bring glasses and we would make a party and we would crash our clocks, watches, anything that ticks and have a quiet picnick afterwards

and that's right before they arrest us and have us all hospitalized for a very, very long lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that by then we'd be really really drunk.

come 2 think of it whether ur enjoyin ur company u would definitly hate the idea of time runnin by or if ur sittin there with nthin bt the clock tickin thn u'd really hate the fact tht a minute there= a lifetime... so i'd have 2 say im in!

cool i'm so happy there is more of us...i only hope you're not in it just for gin and tonic :P
if i would sit there i wouldn't see it hat as time runing by i hope you two would be that good of a company that i wouldn't feel that

Were you talking to the two of us or were you addressing the gin and tonic? You know they'd still be good company after all.. that's why WE'RE ALL HERE... you didn't think we were in it to smash clocks did ya? :-P

hm i did for a moment there never mind i was refering to you and someone but i guess gin and tonic would make a good company aswell but it just wouldn't be the same without the FAIRIE someone and you. i can have gin and tonic here by myself, you just trying to get out of the club

oh come on Sandy n the Fairie n he'd think of gettin out?

i don't know - he's weird. you can never be sure

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