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Tapping at my chamber door

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المفكرين من المجتمع

For the past while it’s been customary for me to check into Egyptian blogger pages and see what “Egyptianists” have to say, how the next generation of my fellow countrymen and future possible politicians think. I stumbled across a popular Egyptian blog that, for some reason, seems popular to المفكرين من المجتمع. Sadly, this wasn't totally the case for me.

Its says on the About Me section of that blog that the blogger is pro-US. I strongly believe, in fact I know, that the only thing that a person can be for is religion and that everything else is subject to question? I mean even with religion, if a piece of info was not included in the Holy Book then that info is deemed questionable. So when it comes to the US I think they’re still human. They do make mistakes… and I don’t really know about that blogger, but if the US wanna question arab and islamic intentions then maybe its about time we start questioning theirs. Being neutral and making some theory about your non-biased attitude does seem appealing to educated Egyptians who believe that success lies in a Western made potion and that once you drink it you become appealing to them, invincible, "acceptable". Just tell us what you think man. Do you even have any thoughts of your own? I know that Arab leaders are the ones who should be in question here for waiting until France and Russia opposed the first air strike and a day later join in with their very low heard oppositions, but don’t you think it’s time the US got removed from your list of things to stand for?

Well, this is probably none of my business, but I figured if all these people commenting there on that guy's blog found him interesting enough to have 97 comments on a blog posted only two
days ago then he ought to take the responsibility of setting things straight… at least on his URL.

You and the all the other مفكرين من المجتمع make the things that we stand for, our values, principles, and beliefs, seem not worth fighting for. Everytime you get praised for the shit that you say, you make me feel so small. When there's music, you either dance along or take cover... that's what life is all about.

in the end.. blogging is just like writing a journal.. and a journal, by definition, is where you can lie to yourself and write whatever bullshit you believe would make you more appealing when you look at your reflection in a mirror...

Egyptian bloggers, praise away. Someday this shit will hit the fan... and if you couldn't stand the music how do you expect to stand the shit stench. Oh well, if it's found appealing by others you may as well enjoy the shit while it lasts, huh?!

Why did I even bother writing this, one wonders?

Cuz you were so pissed off that only blogging could ease your an extent.

that's sadly true..

the blogger generation expands.. each to his true self.. where people can speak up and get exposed.

Well you bothered writing this cause you care cause as I see such a profile the only thing I could do is hate being an egyptian cause seems like most of and I quote you "the future generation of my fellow countrymen" have nothing to stand for, no principle.... Seems like all they stand for is the bullshit concept of "I am westernized, then I am popular." Good work dude...

well i think every person have the right to be weak, to kiss ass if he likes it, to have the stupidest opinion...whatever
the shit that gets me the most is that he isn't open to alternatives, he is too weak to stand behind his words, he has nothing, he is empty and he knows it; i quote him here:"If this is your cup of tea, please enjoy your stay here. If not, please sod off."
fuck you if you think you're so smart to say somethink then be so brave and accept criticism, fight it if you can.
oh, you can't, that's right, yes, then you should propabily ignore it.

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