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Tapping at my chamber door

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The Cedar Revolution : فداكي يا لبنان

I woke up this morning at around 3:50 am, fixed myself a coffee shot, drank up while chatting and surfing the internet until it was time to go to work. The first thing I usually do is turn on my computer and log into my Lotus Notes and check my work email, hoping to find some cool fwd sent by a coworker whom I've only interacted with through email.

Where is the world heading to?!

There it was, a fwd titled Hayfa Wahbe and Omar Sharif and in it are two pictures taken at the Cannes festival probably, showing them standing close to each other, caressing each other, like they're a couple monkeys. The moment people got there, they started commenting on Hayfa, her body, her eyes. They started fantasizing and… well, you can imagine how the conversation went. Then walked in a girl who works there and started commenting on how people in France probably know Hayfa and how they all adore her, the same way they adore Nancy Ajram. Basically, this fwd has been the "talk" of the day. My job is that hideous. Yeah well… pathetic isn't it?

We tend to wait for pictures and videos for Hayfa and Dana and the rest of the porno chicks who give the wrong impression about a country as beautiful as Lebanon. We wait for Miss Lebanon to be crowned every year just so we could check her out over the internet or on LBC or whatever. Most girls in all Arab countries look up to Lebanese girls as a symbol of femininity and style. Men look up to female Lebanese pop stars as a benchmark for their future wives. We know they have snow in the winter and that they probably have a lot of cedar trees and something to do with red and white. We know they have LBC and Future TV. We know George Qirda7y is Lebanese. We know Rafik El Hariri (allah yer7amo) was assassinated and was a great man, for some reason.

What do we know about Lebanon?

I know white is snow, where the cedars are located, on snowy mountains. It also represents purity, holiness, and eternity. Red is the blood of the martyrs who kept fighting for Lebanon against all sorts of colonizers along the years. I know Lebanon is currently under attack by the Israeli forces for no reason whatsoever. I know Bush said it's Israel's right to defend its ass. Well, defend it against what, you ignorant bastard?!

I know that when I left work, I had already learned about the bombing of Lebanon, about the air strikes, the killing of 50 something civilians, and that my fellow workers were still, sadly, talking about Hayfa among the rest of their weekend bullshit. I know that my friends were planning on going out tonight, but I said no.

I know my brothers and sisters in Lebanon are probably hiding in fear, not knowing what'll happen next.

I know all I can do is pray. I know that my prayers will be answered, I pray they would.

I write this post wondering if a day will come when we'd get attacked, if we'd still have the heart to fantasize about Hayfa, plan weekends; if we'd sit tight and make a stand. I bet we'd start thinking about how we got sold out by the rest of the world, by the rest of the Arab nations.

Yeah well… to all of you who think that Arabs hate us… well, we deserve to be hated. We didn't even say a word, we didn't even pout. We only decried, condemned, disapproved? What gives us the right to claim Arab leadership? Is it because we're the center of the world? Center my ass!!

We only talked about Hayfa.

What's even sadder is that within Lebanon, not many people care at all about lebanon's current state. Nancy will sing, Hayfa will strip and they'll both undergo several surgeries to achieve the "look".
It's not fair to claim that every egyptian is this nation is a perfect nation. You'll always find the bunch that just-does-not-care.
Besides, even if they did care, what can be done? If you can't even elect the right man to run your country, all you can really do is feel sorry for the attacked nation, nod a couple of times then keep checking'em fwds.

'It's not fair to claim that every egyptian is this nation is a perfect nation. You'll always find the bunch that just-does-not-care.'

I didn't claim anything here. I addressed that statement to THOSE shallow ones... and when I talked about Egypt, well.. I am Egyptian.. and I live in Egypt.. So..well.. I guess I have only my people to talk about.. they're my punching bag.. and nobody can take it away from me.

You didn't claim in the direct sense but it was certainly implied.
Can i lend you the Canadian people to talk about? they're my punching bag but i'll let you enjoy it to the fullest and free of charge.

the world as a whole is my punching bag here, all ppl are fuck-ups including myself 4 nt being able 2 do a thin here... hundreds r being killed in palestine n lebanon n iraq bt no1 dares 2 say a damn thin bt wen one or two fucked up son of bitches (isreali soldiers) get kidnapped thn the whole fuckin world protests... well, fuck thm all cuz thy got nthin 2 hold on 2! fuck all isreali's cuz it seems tht thy r the chosen ppl, fuck all americans who believe tht Bush can run his ass properly, bt most of all fuck all arabs 4 being traitors, fuck our leaders which seems so easy 4 thm 2 overlook...
two days ago thy wer all in lebanon gettin laid, ain't it funny ha!!!

thnk u raven 4 givin me the chance 2 comment, hope one day we would b able 2 do more thn just commenting... keep on praying!

The first countries to oppose the strikes against lebanon were Russia and France...

Russia and France. We waited until they did, then we followed their lead... and by following, I mean Mubarak going to meet with the Jordanian king. They were actually smiling when they played the video on al 3arabeyya!!

Am I the only one who feels that this.. this whole act of violence is personal? the funny thing is that i got a call from a friend of mine this afternoon who told me that the lebanese never gave a shit about us, why should we give a shit about them.. and said some shit about abdul nasser.

ABDUL NASSER?? it's 2006 man. wake up and smell your calendar... all stenched with the stink of treason.

Lebanon went thru the Syrian colony, the civil wars, continuous struggles against israel.. inner fights... shit that went on and on ever since i developed a memory...

we went thru one 1967.. then we hit them back in 1973.. then we signed a fucking treaty.. what do we have to show for?


ths is our prblm we still view ppl like abdel nasser n sala7 deen as great leaders! i say wake up n look at ur pointy lil ears at the mirror, go check 2 see how many times u'v been fucked while bein druged by ur hippy looks n talks...

Exactly. Except that they were using that Nasser topic as in reference to the fact that I actually don't like him because I think he's the reason behind the fall of all arab nations. He sold the idea of an impossibility. Yeah maybe he did have a dream, all leaders did and still do, but I don't think he ever acted on realizing that dream. He made us, all arabs, believe we were something we're not. We're just some countries that exist in the middle of the map, we're the oil fields, we're the camel and the magic lamp, we're the long bearded perverts and the veiled slave girls, we're every fucking bit of every sterotype out there.


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