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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Silently, I blogged...

The inevitable question that enriches our cyber life returns: To blog or not to blog...

I, for one, blog to make my thoughts feel real, to see them with my own eyes, and the more I blog, the more I feel like I'm doing something a bit more humane than just chatting my day up with complete strangers, download music and movies, or surf deep into Blogging has always been about setting your mind free, without the constant need for proof. You can say whatever you want in there, you can be whoever you want... you can just be. You can write about your day, your job, your sex-change operation. You can claim you're Jesus and that you know better. You can claim you're Ghadni, Pamela Anderson, or just an anonymous who prefers to stay that way. But recently, I've come across way too many blogs that scream out for me to read out and fall into. Blogs can be recreational, political, or just plain distorted bullshit. They can be about anything really including our-petty-selves. Some people read and move on, others settle at the bottom of every post, trying to figure out what that blogger really means. It makes us feel good, doesn't it? I've stumbled across a few myself, wondering whether I should just ignore and move on or whether I should sit there and argue a point. Yeah well, that's me... I don't like it, but it is still who I am. I find it compelling to argue what I think is right. I stand behind my theories until I find someone who can have them modified to better ones. Yup... I know, I hear you yell out from wherever you are 'Oh come on. Get a fucking life!'... but what good would my cyber life be if all I do is sit down, BLOG, watch a film, fall in love, and sleep at night... if that latter is even a possibility if my life becomes that meaningless. I stand my ground still. I find it compelling, a duty. I guess this happens when you believe that much in something... and then again that's obviously not your case.

Blogging, to me, is no longer a journal for me to write about whatever bullshit I've said today and whatever crazy sitcom I've watched. It eventually becomes a mean for me to protest... to demonstrate in silence. If I can argue with people who disagree with me on a certain issue and, perhaps eventually, get them to change their minds (or have them change mine for all that matters), then I believe that it's far more better than to go demonstrate among people who already agree with me on what I'm protesting against. You could jump to conclusion that I'm just saying that to make myself feel better about not protesting... but it's safe to say that I've already protested... and I didn't feel any better. So you can take away my land, my home, my banner... You can defeat me at every fucking sport out there...

... but this you will never have, even if you prove me wrong!!

you know what is right, maybe not to everyone, but at least for you. you speak out, you defend your point, you try to matter maybe even change the world, at least a bit, at least you try. you know better, you are not a comformist. would your life be any better if you lived it the way you were supposed to? would you be the same person that would just sit quiet and take any shit?
you have a life, a meaningful life, you make people think, you're making a diference.
you have something, you have a soul, a mind, a heart...
this we will never have...

as for chatting your mind with complete strangers - define stranger to me. and if this concernes our talks aswell belive me you are doing something humane here - it may not save the world, but it sure enrichens my life, makes it way better. hey by surfing there you are humane towards yourself, you're doing sth fun. and yes, you just couldn't give into the temptation to mention this. ok here it goes: my name is aleksandra and i am addict, it all began one boring night when this friend of mine introduced this page to me, i know it's bad for me and that there is more to life than this and will try to be more into blogging just to cure myself from, thank you for listening.
sex-change operation? is there something you forgot to mention?
so which of the listed people are you, or better which of these people would you like to be?
when you fall in love i don't think you'll have the time to blog :P
i had to...

Everyone's got those.. like many others, i've been blessed with a point of view.. some people who already have that prefer keeping their points of view hidden.. maybe they think they're better off without the constant need to argue a point.. maybe they think they're better off being the all neutral piece of candy that everybody loves and adores and turns to in the time of patty patty requirements.

Well, it's about time that everybody speaks up what they really think is right, to define yourself to yourself, to make your life worth living... and to make an example out of your death.

Depression is a not a state of mind, it is a choice that you can choose to leave behind.

and when i started that previous comment by saying that everybody's got those.. i meant soul, mind, and heart.. i just didn't know you that needed to post something else :P

I apologize for making the comment page look something that resembles an overly cooked Big Mac.

yea it is some sort of a digital niche...
i'm glad u didn't start talking about blogging etiquette and all that crap.

maybe they don't have an opinion, maybe they are all just confused, i mean i couldn't tell you where i stand i just hate all the war shit going on, i don't care who to blame, there are people hurting there, innocent people so stop it!
you know what i mean?
it isn't who or what started the war cos usually that are just small things that bring out all the bad that pilled up long time and then at one point just bursted out. but what i do know is i don't encourage this i hate people who do so, why can't they just talk as we do on blogs, work it all out with words
and this is what i think, with no patty patty
and i will stand behing this and i will defend this, adn i think this is the only point that should matter, that should make our lifes worth living.

and man don't apologize, it's my fault, it's always my fault when it comes to comments

Totally didn't understand my point...
but that's alright.

Still breathing: Blog etiquette is as imaginary as the notion of peace; theoretically possible, unfortunately never exists.

Sandy: Same comment goes to you I guess. If only peace was sold in cans at supermarkets...

Freudianslip: What point?! :o Hmm.. This post is general and is of no reference to any real entity out there on the blogosphere. I hope it didn't hit an invisible nerve there and if it did then I strongly apologize.

Thank you all.

it really didn't...i just felt like what i had to say provoked that entry...i've known you long enough to be able to read between the lines and to fully comprehend all that is in bold..don't insult my intelligence;)

sold in cans?
peace is inside of us, you cannot buy it, that's the problem, people think they can buy anything even the death of innocent people, like money just makes everything better
we all know peace is the best sollution
and well who cares about peace as long as we are wealthy, peace doesn't sell, doesn't bring wealth at least not to those pulling the strings the only thing left is to cut the strings

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