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Tapping at my chamber door

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Where is the rope?

Well, where can I start? I wish I could just grab a rope from the basement and start hunting down certain people whom and nations that I have no respect for, but I can't, I never was a cowboy. Life is just not that fair. Nothing is clear. Not even opinion. Mine and yours.

So in response to the MechanicalCrowds argument titled 'Where is the line?', I say this:

Mech: Plus, Israel is known to care a lot about their soldiers/civilians and go to extremes for that.

Define extreme for me will ya? Would it be similar to bombing an embassy? Hmm... how about blowing up a country? Yeah that sounds about right, huh.

Mech: I said they should stop pretending if they are not going to war for that reason. Which is probably true.

So basically you don't know why they're in it for. They're all just theories... same as mine I guess. Only I don't know why do I feel that mine stands a little bit taller than yours.

Mech: If you are walking on the street and suddenly some gang starts attacking you, then this serial killer comes and saves your life. Does that mean that he is no longer a killer? The core of our disagrement is that I view Hezbollah as a terrorist group, as murderers, and of course you do not see it that way.

Naaah, I see them as men trying to prove a point, to be heard, to protect, to grow, to elevate into something meaningful, into the leader and into the missing spot on the UN table. That serial killer you're referring to has taken care of southern Lebanon for the past decade. The people over there not only love them... they wouldn’t be alive without them (God willingly). Harriri backed them up while he was alive, especially during his last days, before he was killed by people who didn't want Hizbullah to stay around any longer. The theory that the Syrians were the ones who ordered Harriri's assassination was only thrown in there to try and blur the other theory that the US wanted him out of the picture to cut a bit of Hizbullah's funding. Harriri didn't really bother Syria in his life and his death didn't benefit them in any way. Ummm... not to mention that there's a theory in the Yugoslavian states, now countries unfortunately, that the US were the ones who encouraged Slovenia to break loose out of the Yugoslavian government after Tito's death. Did you know that Yugoslavia had no imports worth mentioning in their countries BOP? They were a self-structured and self-satisfied country. They were growing to be one of the most leading nations in the world... a threat to the balance of the world, from the US and pro-US point of view. Again, I must say... it's just a theory that goes around, a flame for a fire put out years ago.

Besides let me ask you this... and please consider it before you proceed...

Lebanon's been free to do anything since the year 2000. The government had six long years to create an officially instated army if it wanted to be rid of Hizbullah's military regime... my question is.. how come it didn't? The entire nation adhered to Hizbollah as their military councellor and provider of safety and security against harm. So if the government didn't want them there... why not attempt to work for a stronger army to push aside Hizbullah? I'm not talking about an army as strong as the US or Israel or whatever... I'm talking the basic definition of the word army here.

That article you so generously provided a link for proves me right about certain things here. So I'll just have to quote a couple lines there..


"THE NEWS IS filled these days with reports of civilian casualties, comparative civilian body counts and criticism of Israel, along with Hezbollah, for causing the deaths, injuries and "collective punishment" of civilians. But just who is a "civilian" in the age of terrorism, when militants don't wear uniforms, don't belong to regular armies and easily blend into civilian populations?

Finally, there is a difference between civilians who are held hostage against their will by terrorists who use them as involuntary human shields, and civilians who voluntarily place themselves in harm's way in order to protect terrorists from enemy fire.

But the recognition that "civilianality" is often a matter of degree, rather than a bright line, should still inform the assessment of casualty figures in wars involving terrorists, paramilitary groups and others who fight without uniforms — or help those who fight without uniforms." By Alan Dershowitz – LA Times (Polish Jewish name btw)


In case you didn't notice, this is a clear cut sign of how the American gov't wants to brainwash the American people into believing that bush and that bitch is right. That they shouldn't take Lebanese civilians into consideration as innocent, that they shouldn't feel sorry for them cos they might as well be terrorists. First they accuse a person, their imaginary fucking white bunny, then they accuse an entire nation. What the fuck is happening out there man? I just wish that if somebody bombs down my house that I won't be seen as a possible might-have-been terrorist in my funeral. I mean what do you think Mech? Define civilian for me if you may. Do you think my death would be a tragedy? Do you think yours will be? (اللهم احفظنا)

Mech: We know what's right and what's wrong? That's a bold statement which I disagree with. Nobody knows what's right and what's wrong for sure. That is why poeple argue, to decide what is right and what is not. That is why you and I are arguing now. You probably didn't mean it in the literal sense, right?
People are free to choose if they want to smoke shisha's or not, to go clubbing or not, to worship 'X' or to worship god. If they choose to go a certain path, they will harvest what they planted. It is their freedom.

Every being on earth, no matter what race they are, where they're from, what God they worship, knows what's right and what's wrong. It's common knowledge. Some people justify certain things for themselves but they'd still know they're not totally guilt-free. Clubbing, X, beer, and all that crap... we've gotten so blinded by the west with all its crap that we see the west as the path to being "accepted". We've managed to absorb the worst in their culture and leave behind what really matters. We should have learned to be smart.

Mech: So you wanted us to spend 25 years building an army? Egypt is not that rich of a country... I mean look at the economy now, imagine that minus billions and billions that would have been spent on the military. Egypt cannot afford to spend anymore on the army, let's feed the people first. I hope we just all live in peace and stop spending on war. You know... move on.

Umm... NO... I was actually referring to using the 25 years to build a country and an army... and yeah... that didn't happen because some idiot took over the reign of the gypo crown and flushed the great country-great army blueprint down the toilet. Today's gypo army is a career where you can get free shit and power. It's always been like that in Egypt... only today... they get free stuff in return for nothing.

"They would rather have War than accept the existence of Israel and live together in Peace."? – Hmmm... Well, Israel is officially a country, a respected nation, in the eyes of the world. There's no point in fighting them, not now at least... and Hezbollah knows that. They did NOT provoke this war. They asked for prisoner exchange, same as they did in 2000 and successfully managed to do then. They asked Israel to cease fire on Gaza and the WB... and while we're at it let me ask you the million dollar question here...

Where do you stand on the Israel-Palestine long lasting situation? :-D

And Mech, thank you for your time.

Proud to be an arab: To raven i say, before you act so patriotic about being an arab for the sake of Lebanon. Well go fix your corrupted perception of PATRIONISM and ONE NATION.

First of all, the nickname?! No comment!! And Patriotism? One Nation? WTF are you talking about here? You wanna join the discussion and the debate, then pleeeeease go ask some people who actually LIVE in Lebanon, who have experience the Lebanese ups and downs, who have experienced Hezbollah.

Give me that rope man... I'll just hang myself with it and hope that my tombstone would still say 'civilian'.

Leek ya Lobnan

Well somehow you managed to say all that I wanted to say... You managed to ask the question I always ask why do we always learn the worst? Why do we now arabs, muslims or christians believe that much in Israel... Is it that we are too weak to say the truth or at least realize it? WTF is going wrong with us?

i say as long as we have guys like u raven n godfather thn we still have arabs.... n 4 proud 2 b an arab n mech. well folks fuck u n ur fake ideals, fuck the schools tht taught u 2 read n rite n fuck the brains tht held ur crap.... god bless all the free dignified spirits fightin 4 lebanon rt now! the isreali's r in deep shit n sooon u pro-isrealies will b...

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