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Tapping at my chamber door

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Another becoming

He became her stranger, her acquaintance, her friend, her soul mate, her lover, herself… then before he could blink, he found himself falling back to square one where he's not even there, where he's just someone she once knew, where he's not part of her circle of trust; not anymore, he's not; even though he'd give up everything just to become an insignificant part of that circle; even if he knew that he could be nothing more than a chair on which she could sit, perhaps kick away when she's bored.

Today, his name just rings a bell. He let her sleep on it, sweet moron that he is, as he indistinctly watched himself become one part carbon and two parts oxygen that she can easily exhale.

She once made him a better man.

Today, she made a big fat nothing out of him pointlessness, right before she elegantly walked away.


How can a word mean so much and yet still remains the emptiest word in the English language?!

He really does deserve it all.

maybe he needs to let her know..

He's significant enough to still think of her

She's insignificant enough to forget him and walk away!!!

He should realize how significant he really is and let her insignificantly go!!!!

dee-vine is right mybe he should talk to her, maybe she should talk to him. if they meant so much to each other once then there's something missing in this story: he doesn't know why she left and she doesn't know why he left her leave.

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