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Tapping at my chamber door

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To read between the lies

Another light earthquake hit Cairo today after yesterday's. I only read about the one that happened yesterday in an SMS that I received from a free news provider service that I've subscribed to three weeks ago. At first, I figured cool!! I seem to be reading less and less newspapers lately and I've become a corporate slave. I thought that service would help keep me updated, but I guess I was wrong. It depressed me. It tends to send around 10 SMSs everyday (Thank God for silent mode)… and unfortunately the news are usually unfortunate. This guy got arrested and that guy blew himself up. A plane crash, a Palestinian massacre, an Israeli gay parade, an earthquake…

What the hell is the world coming to?!

With the vibe of Cairo's sexual harassments going on around the blogosphere, I couldn't write about that incident. I won't deny the fact that, for the first two days, I didn't even believe that it happened. Maybe I didn't want to… I dunno. A fellow blogger wrote somewhere that what happened is not just wrong… it's UNACCEPTABLE. I agree. Wrong is when you rob someone out of their money because you think that you deserve it more. Wrong is when you lie because you think that it held a valid excuse at the time. That sexual incident is beyond wrong. It can't even be performed by human beings. A wolf pack wouldn't have done it. And with all the shame running through the veins of my fellow countrymen I find a few names suing people right and left, demanding an explanation, a scapegoat. A dean at the Actors' Union whom I don't care enough to remember his name filed a legal claim against Dina El ra22asa. Apparently, they said that Dina and a couple other jerk offs named Riko and Saad the small were riding Cairo's #1 public transportation vehicle i.e. al microbaz when they decided to dance and sing in the middle of the street. That's also when Dina decided to get on top of the vehicle and do her thing. (Cheap strippers should learn from her) Apparently, she must have showed too much flesh. They all got horny or whatever and they marched down the streets of Cairo, hunting for their preys. What do I think? Nah… She maybe guilty of many things. I personally think that she should be burned on a stake, but she ain't guilty this time. No matter what she did can't and won't serve me an excuse strong enough to justify that shit.

The problem doesn't only lie in the fact that those animals did what they did; it also lies in the fact that nothing happened & nothing is happening still. People talk and bloggers blog. Tabloids write all sorts of details, real and fiction, with one purpose on their minds. Sell Sell Sell.

So what's next?

If I were elected president or minister of internal affairs, I wouldn't jail them. I wouldn't hang them or gas them either. I'd nullify their citizenships and kick them out in the middle of the ocean. A friend of mine argued that and said that they should be enlisted in the army for ten years, but I disagree with that. In my country, I would only send the trustworthy to defend my people. I'll just throw them out. I don't give a fuck where. Out!! خلّي بلد تانيه تلمّهم

Yeah I can imagine what happens after that. The ever humble USA will come along with their user-friendly business cards that say at the bottom 'Give me your hungry and needy and poor', grant them a green card and ask them all sorts of questions about their country… the home that betrayed them.

'The only gossip I'm interested in is things from the Weekly World News – 'Woman's bra bursts, 11 injured'. That kind of thing' – Johnny Depp

So what the fuck next?! What news does my SMS inbox hold for me? More about the Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine? John F. Bolton's nomination? Another bombing in Iraq? Armageddon perhaps?

The more I read the news, the more I wish I was illiterate. Ignorance is bliss!

In the end I'll say that if you don't love this country enough to die for it, then you might as well leave, let the West nourish your ambitions… and that doesn't just go to the rapists.

Don't be a fucking liability!!

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