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What haunts the blogosphere

The issue of the veil, the recent sick display of sexual harassments that lately took place in Cairo, the virginity department… and more issues of advanced logical proportions… those were the main issues discussed lately on the lonely charismatic blogosphere.

Come to think of it, didn't most civilizations end when efforts were taken away from religion and put into science and what was referred to as logic and philosophy? I dunno. I always felt that I was the logical type. I dunno anymore.

One of the neglected issues was the issue of Al-Zakah. How many bloggers out there pay Zakah anyways? And how many of those who don't often preach about veiling? How many of those who do break their fast whenever they want to by lighting up a ciggie or staring at the hot babe at work?

Aren't we all a bunch of hypocrites?

Just a couple days ago, a friend of mine asked me whether I do something else other than paying zakah and giving sadaqa. She said that those things are the given norms, their obligatory anyways… 'What else do you do?', she asked.

I, personally, don't do anything else other than giving away money. I'll go back to one of the Egyptian habits that I've developed since I moved back to Egypt and make up my own official statistical analysis of the whole thing. I'd say that at least 60% of Muslims out there don't pay their Zakat. Yes… I made that up… and I believe it. It's my blog and I'll say whatever I want. I don't settle for those Zakat calculators they keep sending in email fwds either. I calculate it by checking my bank account balance at the end of the year and giving away 2.5% of it for Zakat. I usually pick a family whom I know needs the money, one of the poor police 3asakers that guard my work premises 24/7, one of the care service dudes… whatever. 2.5% of a year end balance is by far more than what is required (in my case of course), but I do it anyways. I'd pay more if I could afford it.

Now imagine if everybody did the same. 2.5% thrown into a special bank account, designed to serve the poor and needy. Every month we pick ten families and give them a lump sum of money. Isn't that what Bait Al Mal was all about?

Do that… and watch people feel more appreciation, admiration, love, and respect to the Muslim faith. Do that and all young men can afford buying apartments, getting married… there will be no more sexual assaults, no more robberies. Rich people would then care less for new Nokias and Minis and more for those who deserve food and shelter and better education for a change.

Maybe I don’t go to shelters or ask kids on the streets if they need my assistance in getting them a better life and making their dreams come true, but I do try from a distance. I wish I could go to shelters and directly do some help… but I don't think that I have to… not really. I don't!!

I'd like to do it because I want to.

Sue me!!

In the end there are two kinds of people in this world (yes this is my blog and what follows is what I think)… there are men of logic and men of faith

Our generation?... naaah.. we're all just lost in between.

I believe they'd refer to it as اللى رقصوا عالسلم

We're the ones that don't know shit.

It really bothers me how Islam got reduced by our neo-islamists on the media to wearing the veil and growing a beard and jihad -which is the true tragedy nowadays- and maybe other superficial stuff and how these little things that constitutes less than 1% of Islam got so inflated that if anybody argues with them they're preceived as non- or anti-Islam.

I want to know how did muslims forget that being clean is from Islam, that treating other people politely, even christians, jews and athiest, is Islam, that smiling is Islam, that a lot of other little stuff that do have the capability of making our society a better one, these were all ignored in favor of the veil and the beard which I don't beleive made our society any civil but instead helped deepen the gap between these extremists and the rest of the people.

I'm not against hijab, if a girl is convinced, and not forced to put it, then it is her personal choice and nobody has to argue with her about it. But I maybe a little uncomfortable with the "imported" kind of hijab, the one that covers the whole body and face. I've did my research and its not required to cover the face or hands. I think that this is not a hijab as its a method of hiding away from the society.

I don't know, I maybe wrong, but at least, give me the chance to say what I want and do not attack anybody who's arguing with you and accuse him of redda and kill him! Immagine if our prophet killed all jews in madina after hijra, knowing that they are evil and all, what would've happened? do you think anybody would've accepted Islam then?

The last part was not for the blog but rather to the islamists extremists who are trying to make us all the same.

لا حياة لمن تنادي

Ibrahim, this is probably my favourite post by you. You see, Allaah tells us we can't take what we like in Islaam, and throw out the rest like some of Ahlul-kitaab decided to do - same with Muslims who try to do that, reducing Islaam to whatever it is their desires or whims drive them to. SubhanAllaah, may Allaah keep us steadfast and allow us proper and *true* understanding of this blessed deen, ameen.

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