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I don't give a #$%@

I don't give a fuck is the most underrated phrase in English language.

You should consider therapy only when you've met over 5 people who wish to kill themselves... and of those I've met a lot. 'I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK' has always worked magic with me; it's what therapists around the globe should tell their patients; only then, unfortunate for the therapist, their patients would learn how to move on. It'd be a one-session-therapy and psychiatry would be the least popular profession since all therapists would be poor.

Bi-polar depression: Is when you're too depressed that you want to go live at the North or South Pole.

My very personal steps of recovery start with denial; when you think that everything's alright inside your own perfect bubble. Consequently, someone comes along and burst your bubble. Little did you know that the air escaping your bubble now stinks; that's when rage comes along. You start hating scapegoats, all sizes, all shapes, all forms; people whom you don't know, your friends, your own father. You hang the middle east problem and world famine on your acquaintances' shoulders. You unknowingly search for ways to make everything someone else's fault. It is always by far easier to hate someone you can't see in the mirror. Hating oneself can be dangerous.

Fuck it: Most people's last words before, ironically, taking a leap of faith.

Fear comes next. The things that had made you rage are now the cause of your upcoming doom. You fear that you're going to end up alone, that you're going to quit someday out of the blue, for no reason, and end up asking your brother for money. You fear all sorts of sicknesses. A single ache becomes a potential tumor... and even if everything works out just fine... you fear the end of the world. That's when you pass this step and over to adaptation. You realize you're helpless and small, that you're only a sample of the human form in all its glory, that you can't change the world. You give up and give in to the precious, precious life. This is where I am now. I am strangely adapting.

In conclusion, the only things you can't control are your own choices. There's always a point in time when you can make a choice. When you think you've made the right choice, throw your ego in the trashcan and think again cos you're going down baby. It's when you think you've hit rock bottom, you bring out the shovel and start digging some more into a new meaning for the word depth. Thus, when people say you're deep they don't know how really fucked up you have become.

Reach out and hold on to the new value of the 'I don't give a fuck' lifestyle. It's the only survival technique that's been proven to work.

so this is the first article contribution in your career as a psychiater, nice job i bet you'll be very famous in the group of the very confused, gray-haired unattractive men :P
yeah well this is how i see the psychiatrists, but i guess you'll give a new meaning to the word ;)
nice post. listen: wasn't shakespera the first person to say "who gives a fuck". say hello to our friend encarta.
i'm full of bllshit, confused, i think i need professional help, care to use me as you test bunny?

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