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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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The meter just keeps a-ticking

Monotoned, gray-scaled, black & white… my favorite complexion. Unfortunate for me, it's also the paint job they chose for Cairo's taxis. Sometimes I get the feeling that only because I like that complexion that the taxis appear to me that way. For someone who's into orange and blue, taxis probably look that way to them as well. For yuppie chicks, a combination of pink, light pink, and dark pink is probably what makes a taxi unique from other city cars… for them that is.

The moment you stand in the middle of a crowded sidewalk waiting for one to show up, you know you're in for a big disappointment. Perhaps that's why the Egyptians have been known to be خير جند الأرض; maybe that's why we think we're the best amongst all, that we're the center of the world… it's that ability to swallow the disappointment and wait… or settle for a short-people-customized vehicle such as the microbus where, contrary to floating in space, you actually get out feeling shorter. Some people prefer to walk instead, and to that latter group I belong.

Walking is not only healthy; it also spares you the bohemian and prehistoric caveman pop music that they play in microbuses, sung by people named after ancient Indian tribal warriors such as Sa'ad the small and Hassan the dark. Oh you can avoid that and get into a cab (preferable over microbuses if you have one limb and can't crawl), but then you'll have to deal with the chatterbox monster that's been locked away from civilization for the past 100 years that you've released the moment you got in… that is IF you got in in the first place. There's something about taxi drivers in Egypt that makes me bow my head in respect, it's their ability to control the road. I hate to think that in ten years from now they're probably going to control our destination as well. Get in and see where he talks ya… pretty much like destiny don't you think?

Destiny's defined as not knowing for sure where you're heading or when you'll crash and die.

Yes that's my definition of the word. I own a challenging dictionary. Memorize that!

With the street brawling, the rear bumps, the badmouthed slang, the overcharge, and the angry drivers with bad breaths, the streets of Cairo become a war zone, all in all battling for road glory. Schumacher wouldn't stand a chance. NASCAR should drop by some time. We've got many special talents, starting from microbus hit-and-runs and ending with multi car accidents… and don't get me started on the traffic lights.

Oh I've had many, many late penalties deducted off my paycheck, but I still refuse to buy a car. I ain't cheap. I just refuse to drive in the streets of Cairo. I get pissed off this planet just sitting there. I can't drive without a shotgun license.

Yeah… twenty years from now, car dealers would probably give those away with cars for free.

Hmm… maybe I should buy me a car.

Now where's my hockey stick?

LOL! It's so true! But it happens that I really love that "bohemian and prehistoric caveman pop music that they play in microbuses, sung by people named after ancient Indian tribal warriors such as Sa'ad the small and Hassan the dark"- one of the things that I miss in the UK, it's so silent here. You feel that if you dropped a needle, people would get mad at you!
I love the taxi picture though- it's kinda romantic, combining the sterotype of the oriental east (pyramids) with the reality of....the Egyptian taxi driver!

well first of all i intended to write about trafic in cairo also, since i saw it differently i think i still will.

what you wrote surprises me cos we never needed to wait for a taxi in cairo, taxi drivers would drive beside us and insisted on driving us even if only for 2 meters, it was kinda exausting saying no to 20 taxi drivers while walking the streets of downtown. it looked like they would be annoyed when they saw a tourist walking. :P

arima i love the music too, this is what you can get only in egypt.

and i would love to have talkative driveres, the only one that was into talking was an old man that didn't know a word of english, but still he gave us many information ;) (i guess)

one could use a gun while driving in any country it least i could use it here or at least all drivers should be perscribed some kind of sedatives ;)

Arima you haven't listened to the latest music from good ol' bohemia then.. the term self-injury infliction definitely reflects a new meaning to me everytime i listen to any of those. I guess the variation in tastes serves the purpose of having a "market".

Calamity.. it's a shame we didn't hang out.. I'm not sure u and i are talking about the same music and ur lucky u don't understand what they're talking about.
Besides.. if ur a tourist you're expected to pay in foreign currency and they've probably overcharged you at least once. If I was a cab driver I would definitely stop for a blondie. :P

well Sa'ad the small, I have added him on the list of things that makes me wanna kill myself for a while now... Anyhow, I am with Arima on that one... Although I start to hate their guts when I am in a cab in Cairo and I wanna like "rip my arm off to have something to hit them in the face with" like joey wanted to do with Janice I miss it all here when I am away... Not that I love it...

And well here is an awful picture for you since I know you have always hated Janice... Ain't Cairo one big Janice City?

Ur still on Joey man? i thought you'd switch over to a different sitcom by now.

and I'll say it loud and clear once and for all. I love Cairo. Janice has nothing to do with the city... i overpay some taxi drivers when I feel that they deserve to be paid. Others ba2a.. i feel like I'd rather walk...

and that i usually do.

you're right it is a shame

and maybe i am happy for not knowing what all those habibi and yalla yalla songs were about, but still i like them

i always payed in LE so i guess no use of me but still i overpayed everytime i drove in a taxi. maybe if you were a taxi driver and i would dye my hair blonde i wouldn't overpay and we would have met :)

i had some janice-annoying experiances but overall i couln't say that cairo is like janice :)

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