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Tapping at my chamber door

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Thank you and goodbye

I want to thank the people who’ve been stopping by to check this page. I’ve been somehow threatening myself every now and then that I’ll just stop blogging, that I’ll quit writing, but every time I say that it only takes me a week to regain my cruel senses.
Well… this is it. I’m done. I lost my reason to write.

They say that everything has it’s price, including people; but it so happens that when you walk into a store and pick a box that holds your name and realize that that there’s no price tag attached, that’s when you realize that it’s not because you’re so priceless…

Cheapness comes last to all; the true unspoken one. People go through all self-realization stages and always manage to go up a level cleaner, more mature, less discounted, and fine; but when you’ve reached ‘Cheapness’ however, that’s when somebody’s dropped you, and you’ve already morphed into shattered glass. If only people knew they were that fragile…

Let the God up there hear me. I want to live a normal life…

I don’t want to dream anymore.

who said writing was just dreaming?
... u express urself so beautifully, why would u want to stop?
the only price tag u'll ever have is the price tag u u ton urself. ur not something that a master card can buy. this isnt about living a normal life is it?
it's about giving up isnt it?
forget if people dont appreciate... forget if no one appreciates. this about u making ur mark on history, even if no one notices. do u have any idea how many people have acces to
this blog???? the wholde world does!! (well all of them that can get onto the internet...)

come on. have some courage. i think ive taken this persoanlly because ive seen a lot of bloggers drop out. please dont!!!

i dont know why its so important to me, but i just know that expressing myself through my blog is like my little life line.
dont let go of ur life line yet.
or are u afraid of what u might write? or that it will never take effect?

okay i guess this is none of my bizniss.. just some of my thoughts

oh and lol ive seen bloggers say that theyll never come back... and they lasted for 3 days!!! i hope thats what it'll be in ur case :p

oh no.. please don't ?

Listen Raven....don't give up now. Your was one of the blogs I first discovered and aspired to. You express yourself with a beauty, simplicity and honesty that not many can even dream of.
I can understand that you've been through a tough time lately but surely expressing yourself is a release and productive in that it encourages other bloggers.
As I said...yours was one of my first regular reads and I'll really really miss it if you go :(

I kinda know what ur talking about, n yeah sometimes it feels like its not worth it anymore, sometimes it IS not worth it. So if u wanna quit, then do quit. Noone will be harmed really,u know. Except ur gonna lose something maybe. That little part of u that uve exposed here. Im pretty sure in real life noone can read ur mind or really see that side. Like all people who write. They write their souls. Their real selves. But anyway, if u can live without that part,or without that lil part of u exposed, than "you're welcome and goodbye".
It deserves a reconsideration. Good Luck =)

may you find what you're looking for.

i don't know what to say now, your blog was my only connection to you lately, i guess i'm losing that too now, of course this is no reason for you to change your mind, i just wish you luck and hapiness.

i am very sad though because my favourite writer and the person who inspired to start writing and also inspired most of my early posts is leaving

right now it feels like a dear friend of mine is dying...

no matter where the path may lead you live your life fully and even if our paths may never cross again you need to know that i'll always consider you my friend and you know how to reach me

there is much more i wish to tell you but right now i just can't do this anymore


there, are so much problems to comment here :D eih koll da,
why pop up and why comment moderation w leh koll el leila di ???
i felt so lazy

anyway it seems that u wont be reading that, or at least not interested anymore...
but a person doesnt become priceless ever, because people do not value eachother,
actually we become priceless when we lose face infront of ourselves...
so it is u who values u, and noone else...
no one appreciating has nothing to do with ur self-image, and ur "price" as u called it...

and btw, it was so pessimistic to link them together...
logically, think logically,
and as they say, "put on the white hat..then the yellow... and then te black... NEVER, put the red unless u r willing to make less sense"

ah sorry, for the previous quote to make sense, searc for "the six hats" theory

I just wanted to say that I adore your way to express yourself. It's so beautiful and magnificent.

Which is more cruel? To dream or to stop dreaming?

I can see that you've returned... to dreaming.

ur blog is really nice and interesting, You have maintain it so beautifully that I truly like & enjoy it

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