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Tapping at my chamber door

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The Blog Age

Everybody who's anybody's blogging these days. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has started a blog. His first post discusses his childhood and the Islamic revolution in Iran. There's also a poll there that asks readers to vote if they think the US and Israel are "pulling the trigger on another world war". The blog is translated in English, Arabic, and French. Moreover, you're allowed to email him with any inquiries or questions you may want to ask the Iranian gov't.

I liked what I read. Way to go bloggie.

so did you send him an e-mail?

Here's "the thing" .
( Yes , there is a "thing" )
I love your pen .
I really do .
Only i find following your blog such an exhausting task .
The reason ?
Paragraphs !
Where are the paragraphs dude ?!?!
The text needs to breaaaaathe ... you know ... oxygen and shit !
"No2ta we men awel el satr" ... are you familiar with the concept !
I dunno if it's just me but your music player thingie is making my browser heavy as fuck !
Now it takes donkey years to load the page , even though i'm on DSL .
I let it out .
The thing .
Hope you don't mind my bitchin' ...

Thank you for your honesty.
Donkey years huh. :P Well, we can't have that. A friend found another music player option that I'm planning on checking out. I'm pretty sure it'll load faster than that shitty stickam thingie.
As for the paragraphs.. well, I do know the concept thank you very much. I try to use them if they fit into context, however, most of my writings are just rantings or random thoughts that accelerate from plain bullshit.. I tend to not use paragraphs when I'm exercising my write to journal my bullshit thoughts, not caring so much about how people read them. Haven't you ever just written non-stop? I believe you have. All people who enjoy writing do.

In the end.. your comment was very much appreciated.. so thanks.. and great job on your page btw.


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