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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Something Dark

I shut it all out, the ray of light
I shut my eyes from the so-called bright
To welcome the pain of the deep color red
An iris so colorful, so easily fed
Rushes in the daggers of worried thoughts
To witness the morph of a dreamful boat
Mischievously lurking behind a lid so cold
Crushing me eyes, wrinkling me old
I should have wept, I should have cried for help
But Instead I went blogging, alas, it didn't melt
I welcome the thunder of something weary and dark
To wait for its sparkle and the road it'll mark
The dream of falling into the deepest of wells
And the more I dreamt, the harder I fell
The instincts I've trusted and the ones I named 'friend'
The ones that died and the many more that went
A killer in red lurking behind a skin
That covers my eyes and darkest of sins
They could see through me. They could see through my whites
I shut every space. I shut them tight
Underneath a layer of skin I'll pretend and hide
I'll cover my white lies, the ones I named pride
I’ll cover my dreams and self deal with my shame
I'll throw them away with my collection of mind games
In a box so big I call it 'the world'
With things that never changed and others that got bold
Amidst the fog a time machine that I'd built comes to life
Carries me to the days when all the wrongs seemed alright
On board I keep them closed, shut away from all the scars
Marking a map to eternal flames that I thought once were too far
The foolish games that I've played, the unanswered prays
I've given up on many things. It seemed easier back in the day
When I threw my heart on the table begging for a lover
And upon their birth I shut my eyes and run for cover
And the good ol' shoe glistens, lighting up another dark
Through which it once carried me through an untouched park
That held in all the secrets, all the sins, and dreams
That once seemed possible however ludicrous they may have seemed
I lurk like all else, I crawl back home
Through the hallway, through the door, and up my throne
Unaware of the raven that's claimed over my place
Unaware of the ugliness the creature held with grace
All tired and restless, I hold my white flag up high
Still shutting them I try to ignore the unanswered whys
Then a black monster crawled up from behind a leaning shadow
Crawled up my spine, in need of someone else's life to borrow
I lie again on my back counting the days that were theft
The life that passed in vain and the moments I have left
I could have done more. I needed another chance
But in a lifespan so short, all you get is one glance
With all things averaged, I'd say I did fine
But the guy with the scoreboard said now you have to die
I still have them shut away from the monster I have tamed,
A raven hideously lurking, bearing my name
Have I been such a fool? Have all those been clear cut signs?
Giving me hints that in the end the loved dies
The black shadow now surrounds me. My lids are no longer there
I'm alone and naked, needn't of lies to wear
I can see clearly now, but it often comes when it's late
When you're about to meet the master, the keeper of the gate
At last, I'm flying. My dark fate carries me on
Deluding me into thinking how I'm not empty to the bone
They're calling out my name and pointing their black fingers
Laughing, shrieking… I can only linger
And think to myself. Nah, this can't be true
I shook off the dust and tidied up my suit
Egoistically cunning, as always, I lurk myself
The troubles and doubts I'll throw back on the shelf
And watch them as they rot amidst the dust I shall become
Along with the raven that carries me. All becomes one.
The loved ones with the hated I throw in my box
'Adaptation' I add to the combination that's locked
Me out of everything I've ever loved. I've been known to be slow
And before I could blink I lost my lids, they're also buried deep below
Right next to my box of haunting secrets that marks my grave
Enchained to the bottom of my dream well I fall again enslaved
Still shivering cold. I feel naked still
As I highlight their names in my final will
I'll lie there waiting for the ravens to return
To carry me off to a brighter future where heads won't turn
Every time I cross the river off and away from their remorse
I don't need your moment of silence. I've gotten over my curse
I'll just look away, eyes opened. I no longer give a damn
Then a black demon that now possessed me cried 'I am what I am'

I was already crying.. and I came here for a reason to continue cying..

I found what I was looking for

I'm speechless. It wasn't my intention, that I assure you. I hope things get better for you palo.

and if you ever feel down, don't read poetry... write it.. it works magic.

Again I'm sorry

!! no need to say sorry. i'm okay i was just emotional, and it was a very touching poem.

oh and i can't write poetry if my life depended on it!!

oh and i can?!

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