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Tapping at my chamber door

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The way they cut through me

They cut through me, the bars. Six rays of sunlight cut through my hole like teleporting angels skimming into my life, giving me hope in slim portions of yellow visions from someplace beyond. I choose to live on the hope that on the other side of the dark walls something sweet awaits me. It takes more than a jailbreak to feel free and it takes much, much less than a couple bars to feel encaged.

I know what I'll do now. I'll just get back to my daily ritual of getting down on my knees and begging that whatever it is that is outside that I'm waiting to get to is as reviving as I dream that it'd be. Then I'll grab on to the prison bars, not sure whether I'm trying to breakout or whether I'm holding on to it so it wouldn't leave me.

I look up at the square shaped window from heaven, not sure whether I'm staring at the light of freedom or at the bars that encage me.

I don't even care… I've been encaged far too long.

Either way I know I'll manage just fine.

this reminds me of a story from our history...
one of the 9ali7een was travelling with his servants. he was a very rich man. so a man goes up to him and says,"didn't the prophet PBUH say that this life is the prison of the believer, and the heaven of the non-believer? so how come you live like this while there are so many poor unbelievers?"
so man replies, "it is the prison of the believer in comparison to what Allah has promised him in the HereAfter, and it is the heaven of the non-believer in comparison to what Allah has promised him in the HereAfter."

... so what is it that imprisons the guy in your story? perhaps if he looks around him, he'll realize that he's the one who built his prison and caged himself in..

i know someone who did that. everything turned out to be okay after all when she let herself break out.

nice but want sonething more creative

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