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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Slightly unambiguous.
Mournful desires.
Cheese cakes and hard work.
I want out.
Graffiti imagination.
I paint my last will of testimony on the walls of my world.
They called it art. They applauded, said it was deep.
My honest smile and my familiar eyes
Hide a filthy monster deep within.
I bury a four-leaved clover inside
And polish my crippled rabbit leg with cream soda.
I remain inconspicuous. My daily routine, my vitamin pill. It makes me happy.
Makes them think.
Keeps me anonymous, keeps me safe.
They seek my invisible self for advice.
My mask resembles their deep, deep well.
Caped heroes, their very own. Anonymous individuals don't repeat secrets.
Nobody knows them.

we live in two or more worlds and none of them is sufficient, none of them is perfect, but in the end they complete each other: frustrations and conflicts in one world are cured in another, and so the circle goes. we create comfort worlds to forget about all the uncomfort we have in a real world, but then eventually we forget what is real and what not, or we know that but we like our imaginary world better and decide to stick with it. it would be best just to keep the circle going without obstructions.

I love the new playlist .
I see you're big on George Micheal ...
Dunno why i'm not surprised .
Makes the two of us .
Where do you live ?

Hey is it me or are the lyrics of "Patience" just friggin' brilliant ?!!!

Yeah his music's way different I always thought. Patience is one of the best he's ever written. Praying for time is still is my favorite, especially the unplugged version which sounds more than just an old broken tape recording set on slow playback mode.

PS I live in Heliopolis btw, I just hope that your next comment will not start with 'I know where you live...' :P

I was under the impression u lived abroad .. dunno why !

Praying for time unp. is definitly a fav ...
Where do u upload the music in order to use it in the player ?

Well, I did live abroad at some point, but O well, I quote George from Seinfeld when I say 'I'm back baby!'.

As for the music upload, well, I tried uploading the tracks over to geocities at first, but they found out about it and blocked my account. I use google pages now and it's way neater and faster than geocities. In the end, it's yahoo's loss; they've lost my bandwidth :P

PS convert your tracks to smaller files using dbpower amp first. Saves a lot of download time i.e. donkey years for your page viewers.

haven't checked ur blog for a while...sorry!
where do u get the pics u uplaod here from? i've always liked them awy :)

Been wondering where you've been. I just assumed you stopped blogging. As for the pictures, thanks. I just google them up.

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