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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Ain't mime

I haven't blogged in a week. Blogging has lost its meaning. I'll just blog now senseless, styleless… no objective in mind.

I've always wanted to learn sign language.

I often wonder why people need to talk or write in order to communicate. If the voice and the words define the person we are then would it be right to assume that quoting people would probably be a sick attempt to become a person that we're not. You can tell a lot about a person from their use of words, vocal and non-vocal, online and offline; you can even mark it in their blogs. Some people have many 'I's all over their blogs. I did this and I did that. They rave about how they should be respected then come back with a sad story to make others sympathize with them and justify their actions. Brag away my blogger friend. I'll just block your page out of my life. That's just me. I guess some people are more prone than others to boredom. I easily lose interest.

You can also tell from a blog, if a person is suicidal.

Sometimes I fear that if I speak, I'll lose a part of my soul. I fear that speaking out my mind gives others the right to stick their banner into my words and mark them as their own. We exhale in order to speak, and every time I do I feel like someone out there is sucking out my life, wearing me as a jacket over their deformed self. The funny thing is that I'm not even that good.

Do you ever get deeply affected and influenced by someone else's style of writing? Do you ever enjoy it so much that you try to use their author trademarks? Do you even know what an author trademark is? Don't you just love it when you tell yourself that it's ok to do that just as long as others won't find out?

In the end, I think that the only reason that we communicate is to listen to our own voices and read our own words, load up our pages every hour or so and stare at the beautiful template and the interesting font and the self designed pictures; to feel proud and list 'creative' as a quality on our resume. As for the meaning of the words and the ideas, it doesn't matter if they're ours, the words make us look smart, deluding ourselves into the trap of thinking that we actually deserve the applause of strangers.

Are you even sure that all of my previous blog entries are actually mine?

Ever copied somebody's blog entry, idea, writing style?

Yeah… I thought so.

I’ve never stolen words but I’ve been inspired by blogs. The ideas end up being very similar but of course, much more eloquent :P

see i'm comenting again ;)

yea i was inspired by posts too, but they usually reminded me of something, they gave me a completly new idea, it was more like an association.
like for example the first posts on my blog, well, they were all written because your post triggered my ideas, my thoughts.

and thanks for removing the part of your post that made me rally sad.

if we would think like that we would never do anything, we would consier everyting to be pointless.

i love your writting, and i haven't seen anybody copying it and i have seen quite a few blogs. your posts are inspireing. i know i sometimes see in them something that isn't there, but i think that's the beauty of your writing, it's so universal that anybody can attach any meaning to it.

now i said too much

Well, just for the record.. this wasn't about me or anyone in specific. I just needed to vent it out.Also I know that this is probably the worst post i've ever written.. but in the end it's a journal.

PS I do want to learn sign language... and I do wish to have picked something else as a hobby.. something I might be better at.

Thanks calamity.

and Freudianslip... of course your posts end up becoming more eloquent. Hey was that the reason why you deleted your other blog URL? :P

as convincing as ur words may seem i don't think i know much about u from ur blog...i'm nearly sure about 1 thing though: u r terribly pissed off!!!

u know, when i read ur blog i just sit with a dreamy smile on my face, looking like the comic book store just opened and they're running a sale on everything. u entertain me :) keep it up!

so, out of curiosity, what does my blog say about me? *honesty required*

Thanks for the compliement Still. :)

No I'm not that pissed off. I tend to exaggerate my feelings and whatever bullshit ideas I have in my posts.

Your blog's the suicidal one I was referring to. :p No no.. seriously, your blog's one of the randomest I've seen online and that, I think, is what drives me to like it and check for updates on it on daily basis. I love the fact that you have posts with nothing but a picture that you've found appealing or interesting enough to share. I wish I could do the same and let the frequent reader decide on what they think of it on their own, but I just never got a chance to do it I guess. To cut it short, your blog says that you're into variety, even if it doesn't literally say so, it still is obvious. You don't just stick to one preference and boss it out on people. You're just plain flexible.

Your frequent bullet format, I believe, says that you're an organized and neat individual. I can't be a 100% on that since I have a couple of posts with bullets... and I am definitely not an organized person. I remember a friend of mine once described my room as being the randomest he's ever scene.

Bullets also tell that a person's opinion is important to them and that they can easily lay it out in the open whithout fear of disapproval.

You enjoy sarcasm, which is something I find appealing since not a lot of people are into that.

In the end, you don't just post for the purpose of posting something that tells people that you exist. Your posts have conveyed messages that tend to bring deepness to your personality.

In the end, I don't really know you and hence I wouldn't really bother if I were you. :-D


my blog exposes me awy kda!!! or maybe u r just smart.

yea u r right..i don't really care if thats a good impression or not...still i'd like to know more abt u :)

well, it's good. Bloggers with opinions that find my disapproval are usually ignored by myself. I stopped arguing since I personally believe that most bloggers, including myself, have opinions so fixated on that whatever you say to them are completely disposed of. Some bloggers are just so full of it.

And what can a person really say about himself themselves? There's a scene in Anger Management where Adam Sandler's in a group therapy session and they ask him to tell them about himself. I believe it's one of the most hillarious scenes in history of cinema.

I'm 25. Egyptian. Born and raised in the UAE. Err.. honest, attractive, rich, i run the bullshit party at the British parliament and I hold a day job doing something that stopped adding value to my experience about a year ago. Hmm.. i'm not really good with this am i?

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

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