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Tapping at my chamber door

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The month of redemption

We've currently been embraced by the holy month of Ramadan where from dawn ill dusk, we're supposed to be all clean and spiritual inside or whatever.

My friends and I of course return every year with a new challenge for ways to enhance the concept of relaxation, basically being all about being a lazy ass. It becomes a contest with only one objective; to show who'll stay out of sight the longest. Which friend will just lay back in a room and not give a damn.

We eat, smoke, soak our souls in a huge coffee tub and sit back enjoying life, alone.

After breakfast some people settle for Shammi desserts that basically all taste the same. Well, for most of us, the moment the Imam hits in with the Maghrib Athan, we get our lighters out of the locked drawer, a big ass coffee mug… and then it's ROCK'N'ROLL baby!!

(Some don't even wait for dusk to break their fasting but oh well, I'm not here to judge.)

Two hours later, it's like shooting fireworks. The three hours that pass right after breakfast are always, unquestionably, the most gratifying, rewarding, pleasing, ego filling with mint chocolate syrup and cream…

Not to mention the dozen tv sitcoms with the same actors switching places to play each others' roles in a new Ramadan TV fest.

I wonder how much do TV channels make out of commercial breaks during the month of Ramadan alone as compared to the rest of the year. Anybody?

Pepsi, food, food, food, and Pepsi. Holiness does come with a new onion soda stench every year.

Yeah I'll just lay back and watch you come and go…

I was just thinking to blog about that today, i mean the commercial parts. I mean when I watch a 20 minutes program in one and a half hour yesterday that felt like too much.... Channels vary in the amount of commercials but there are some that go for excessive commercial breaks, you are basically watching more commercials than normal tv and they wonder why people sit longer infront of tv, it is because you get to watch what you wanna watch over a zillion hours...

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