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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

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Yesterday it was either Bach or Mozart.

Diversity and choices, options and variety, multiplicity.

We have noodles and sushi, Pepsi or Coke. We got French fries and onion rings, curly fries and crispy fries.

We have Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, Google or Yahoo. For instant messaging we're down to Yahoo, MSN, G-Talk, ICQ, Pal talk, Skype, mIRC, and the list continues to grow until it becomes harder and harder to locate people. Globalization has reached its peak and now it's dropping back to ground zero.

Yesterday we had the local yellow pages, everyone was listed.

What once was music and freedom now is just plainly "being cool". It used to be either Bach or Mozart; now we have pop, rock, house, trance, chill out, rave, metal, gothic, old school rap and gangsta rap, hip hop and R&B, jazz, techno. And with all the diversity in the music industry, sadly, they all sound the same. No more originality and no more catchy tunes. The mood driven by the music has lost its essence and the lyrics all share the same words and the same conclusion. It's like one big plagiaristic conspiracy to drive us all into the same hole of indifference.

What do we really have?

Since the 80s, people have changed, things have changed, ethics, principles, the senses for justice and morality. It's as if we've become mere vessels through which life can just pour in and out, one vessel after the next, until all that remains is emptiness.

I miss the world that once was.

Yesterday it was either Bach or Mozart.

Today… we've got nothing that is real.

so, we r more open to what life has to offer, does that make the options fake?

it may have affected our sense of judgment, may be it's made us less assertive and may be it's turned us into insatiable hard to be pleased creatures hunting for having extras and not really enjoying anything though we have more than enough...

still it made us more open minded, tolerable and aware that its okay if others don't share our same taste...

u know, things in old times were in black and we have more colors than we can count.. ain't that much better??

No.. this wasn't about the colors. It was about "real" choices, "real" music, "real" food, "real" people.

Maybe I didn't make that clear enough.

maybe by having so many choices it is hard to decide for the real thing, this is why there aren´t so many real people anymore, but those who do decide for the real thingare easily recognisable, stand out from the mass. the fakes can´t hide so easily.
it probabily doesn´t make any sense to you, it´s hard to explain in so little words.
and yes thigs change and believe it or not my friend we are getting older maybe too old to understand those changes ;)

so whats real?
its definition is like that of sanity or normality
there is a broad area of possibilities..donchya think?

only you can define what´s real to you, what´s normal to you, you draw that line

Ragin Raven,
yes... I ask my self sometimes the same Q- coz there are millions of bits n pieces out there, not quite whole or complete or deep, so I end up wondering too... what do we really have?

Calamity's words REALly got me. Now those are a few words that can't confuse you. Well said Calamity!

Here's a quiz for y'all... (I really hope that everyone would participate in answering these questions for me):

1. State one good band or solo artist out there who create good music.

2. State one non-cliched movie that has been released during the past ten years that was not based on a novel or somebody's biography.

3. Do you trust the oscars and the grammys?

4. How many instant messengers do you use?

5. How many "cyber" friends have you lost touch with due to a switching in instant messenger software?

Well... I just thought I should address the issues that the majority of our blogger generation can feel in common with...

and i thank everyone for sharing..

1- not really into music... so i dunno.

2- gotta search that one... but ur tone kinda tells me i'll find none

3- as in "the best wins" ? not really..

4- just the msn...rarely the yahoo

5- no1
but i lost many for other reasons.

tnx jannah

1.only one? i´ll go for more that that: siddharta :P, aerosmith, tabu :P, evanescence, linkin park, tina turner, and maybe some more it´s hard to remember right now

2. ok i´ll state them but i don´t give a shit if they are based on a novel: crash, the legends of the fall, the valley of the wolves, before sunrise, before sunset, house of flying daggers, the last samurai, the lord of the rings triology, paycheck, the island, prime, danny the dog, v for vendetta, elizabethtown, what dreams may come, city of angels, vanilla sky, amelie, the forgotten, hide and seek, wicker park, matchpoint - that´s it. judge all you want
3. no. don´t give a shit about that, don´t even watch that.
4. msn, skype
5. zero

i would appreciate if you answered some of those questions too

The following moves were released prior to 1996 so they don't count in this quiz :D:
Legends of the fall
Before Sunrise

As for the rest... describe, if you may, one unique story that would count as an original idea. A couple talking about nonsense in Paris (even though I love that film), a story about a few strangers who get screwed due to indifference? a cliched story about a drunken soldier who finds a new meaning and fights the bad guys? elizabethtown: another couple talking nonsense? matchpoint? really?! v for vandetta.. a story about a guy who changed the way he lived because of a lesbian story? danny the dog? hide and seek? prime? wtf? are those really your faves? that's new.. you gotta be kidding me.. I can only agree with you on LOTR and What dreams may come.. even though What dreams may come is not the kind of film I should be watching since it defies my religious beliefs. I did like it though.

As for music...well, i won't argue with you there.. cos that would be like a whole new post.

and no i won't answer those questions cos I can't find any BAND or ARTIST whom I could say that I'm a fan of currently. The ones I used to listen to all quit or went insane and the new ones.. well, they're too commercial. They're following the three hits per album routine in order to SELL.
This is what the movies you've mentioned also were all about.. SELLING. I don't want to sell out man. I want to believe in something spectacular.

As for my instant messengers. Right now I'm on msn, skype, yahoo.. I've lost many friends when I stopped using ICQ I must tell you. A minimum of 10 I guess.

action-reaction lol
those movies i stated aren´t all my favourites and on some points we could disagree maybe cos my taste is comercialised maybe cos i´m the part of the mass maybe cos i´m not real but this is me
i´m a typical me
enjoy man
sorry you lost some friends, but i know if i had friends that were really good i wouldn´t loose them just likhe that
and we are all selling sth this is what we think we need to do to survive

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