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Tapping at my chamber door

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Joffrey's with a capital G

Today I went to Joffrey's. They were out of coffee… and it's supposed to be a coffee place. بالعربي اسمها قهوة و مكنش عندهم بن من الآخر

The floor supervisor at Joffrey's thought I was flirting with her when I asked if she thinks any tables would be available soon. We ended up going to Segafredo. I hate Segafredo. The color mapping of the place always makes me feel like I'm sitting in a formula one race track. We sat there for an hour then went in to see Garfield 2.

Garfield 2 is not a film. Garfield 2 is one of the many mistakes made by mankind. I would have it listed right after the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing in WW2, and this is coming from Garfield's #1 fan. I even happened to have enjoyed the film previews more than the film itself. Have you ever gone to a cinema and found yourself waiting for intermission and then after the intermission found yourself again waiting for the film to end? Yeah well, I won't tell you to go see Garfield 2 with low expectations. I'll just throw in the towel and ask you NOT to see the film. Should I have walked out in the middle of the stupid thing? Maybe I should. I just couldn't think of anything better to do and at least now I have a life altering event that I can tell to people and make them smile in pity.

After the film we went back to Joffrey's that was still crowded and since I needed real Turkish coffee (my friends know what I meant when I said real there), we settled for a table that seemed pretty much as if we were sitting in the middle of the mall (I'm considering buying off my favorite table). The floor supervisor came over to our table and started making silly jokes in regards to the menu or whatever. I ended up ordering Espresso, an item that should never be ordered by a coffee addict. I know it's concentrated coffee supposedly, but who cares anyways? We coffee addicts would attach a coffee grinder to our arms if we could guarantee that society would still accept us amongst them. Espresso at Joffrey's basically is a shot of some dark liquid with a drop of something caffeinated. I swear when the waiter landed the cup on my table I asked him هو البتاع ده مشروب قبل كده ولا ايه

It looked as if they feared that people might find the drink intimidating or as if they figured that alcoholic drinks should be served in shots. This wasn't alcoholic, it was espresso. الله يرحم نظرية الكبيات المليانه. I ended up gulping it up and striking it on the table asking for another round.

I should have had my coffee at home.

i knew garfield 2 sucks, i didn't even like the first part that much.

i think the concept of having coffee at coffee shop isn't as much to drink a coffee as it is to go out, to socialise, to meet friends - but true no one would mind tasty coffee.
at the end of the day, you could still make yourself a cup of good old coffee when you got home.
and obviously you survived and now you're here telling us about the pain you have to go through you vacation.
poor you

yeah well.. i'll live :P

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