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Go to Jeoffery's. G or J doesn't matter.

  1. Excellent service… and I say that because I work in the field of service… and because I'm the complaining type of customer i.e. customers with "special" needs.
  2. Don't you dare order the Lemon Mint drink. It sounds interesting and the name adds sweet aroma to the setting, but when I took the first sip I said 'Did I catch a cold that I'm not aware of?'. Trust me, it tastes like the lemonade you're forced to drink when you're really sick. They have a couple mint leaves sparkling on the top that looks like parsley aka بقدونس. I remember asking the waiter to take it back and adding some ice to it… A LOT OF ICE. It was too warm he may as well bring me a honey jar and a blanket. I also remember asking him if I could exchange it for a glass of water but he said no. Well, fear no more ladies and gents, I mentioned that they should immediately remove it from the menu on the small suggestions' card they throw in with the check.
  3. The prices are pretty reasonable for a place of its standard, I thought.
  4. The seating arrangement is fabulous. You don't have to worry if other tables can overhear you. In fact, at one point, I didn't even feel like I was sitting at a public coffee place.
  5. The cheesecake was pretty impressive, and this comes from a guy who can not boil an egg, can not cook rice, left the gas leaking into the apartment while he was boiling some water that leaked out of the container to extinguish the flames, but can prepare the best cheesecake ever.
  6. Their Turkish coffee was superb and I loved the fact that when they throw in the option of LARGE in the menu, they do mean it. Apparently, they say on their menu that they import their coffee from KSA yet surprisingly the Turkish coffee that they have over there have the words 'Original coffee from Yemen' or something of that sort written next to the item on the menu.
  7. I didn't try their tiramisu, but a friend of mine did and said it was excellent. (I can call it tramason ya Freudianslip if I want to)
  8. They have WiFi and computers linked to the internet and believe it or not there was some dude there checking porn. I can't believe this country.

Hmm… well, we always leave a generous tip... and no, it is not related to porn.

If you ever go there, make sure you drop by and say hello. I have a two week vacation coming up so I'm probably going to hang out there more often. Less desserts for me though. I need to watch that weight.

PS No they didn't pay me to write this post and no I don't own the place.

Sure you can..but i'll continue to giggle at your creativity.

do they have home delivery?
i would love to try that cheese cake, cos' i never ate any cheese cake and when i do it must be the best in the whole wide world cos' honestly cheese and cake in the same word don't sound appealing, but i'm willing to try if i don't like it i'll give it to gogi to eat it.

wow! its like no1 can give that place any -ve points!

So if you think it's that good howcome you were hanging out at sbarro's? :D

Well, it is that good actually. I, personally, don't like sbarro's seating arrangement and I'm really picky about these things. At sbarro's you can't avoid people you don't want to meet :D... exposed? violated? Yeah that sounds about how I felt when I checked out the place.

I feel the same at beanos, cinnabon, and chillis.

are you writing that down? :P

what i meant to say is that akeed fi bad things in the place...and yea, i'm writing that

I haven't come across any so far. FYI I'm a very, very picky person. Too obviously picky it annoys my friends.

I'll make sure I post the negatives once I face any.

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