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Tapping at my chamber door

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Needless to say,

I'm too lazy I don't even want to go see a doctor. I'd rather stay home, lay back, and adapt to the newly found pain.

Any blogging doctor out there who wouldn't mind doing a house visit?

and while you're at it... get me some a medium Italiano pizza from Dominoes...

and one large Pepsi... DIET!!

i'm not a doc. but i don't mind a house visit....

P.S Dominos still deliver

i think the word we're looking for is...anyway.

Why is our generation so confused?Who are we trying to impress? we're all in the same boat anyway..quite sad.

Alf Salama ya basha, well i think i caught your cold man, it is starting to show on me.... Get well soon dude... And Gimme my chapter :@ Grr........

don´t try, it´s worthless. you´re giong to kick the bucket and i´m getting you pc hahahaha

Garfield kicks a mean ass !

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