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My inadequate thoughts on freedom

Is it just me or has the internet become plain unsuitable for people of certain decency standards?

Lately, I've been conducting my own personal research regarding the matter, and I've realized that it has become difficult for an average person, who somewhat abides to their religion, knows right from wrong, and isn't stereotypical, to find something suitable to expand their cyber entertainment luxury, whether it's educational or for their mere fun pleasures.

Beginning with video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Vidilife, that seem to revolve around a couple funny videos, a hundred or so political/celebrity scandal videos, and a zillion porn flicks. Free porn for everybody, softcore though. The small person that lives inside of me who thinks that he's cool would scream out "Awesome", but the older person who's starting to realize certain facts in life and prioritizing matters that stand out is thinking "Where the hell is the world heading to?"

Moreover, some idiot registered my email on a website subscription and now my email keeps getting all sorts of pornographic spam. I have 1500 spam emails in my gmail spam folder and I've only emptied it on August 31st. I should be calling my digitally hired attorney and file a lawsuit against the cyber world for the distress that it has caused me.

I've also realized lately that the most popular Egyptian bloggers out there happen to be freakishly rude, frequently using terminology that are anti-decency, and have a severe tendency to refer to their personal life as being as hippy and anti-culture/religion as possible. Starting with five to six people that discussed sex with their girlfriends, preferable sex locations, their temptingly cool drug addictions, and how their husbands and children perceive the "boobs" account…. as if the cyber world really cares… GET A LIFE MAN!! I don't really care if you don't mind drinking alcohol and I don't care if you've had sex before marriage. No one does. Get… a… fucking life you "open minded" prick!!

Not to mention some other dude who finds it funny to throw in phrases and Egyptian terms that I wouldn't really want to highlight furthermore. We, Gypo men, tend to use such terms amongst ourselves. That's right… we do and everybody knows that, but a certain points we hold such language back in an attempt to appear to be as decent as cabbage. Hence, the way I see it, the usage of such language on blogs only introduces the jargon used into the main core of the language. Is this how my children are going to be communicating? I'd hate to see the day when all we're left with is a bunch of rude, progressive, sexually explicit human trash.

Sex-oriented blogging and Youtube and pornographic spam and dick comedy ain't the worst that could happen. In fact, I shouldn't even bother. Freedom of speech and expression, huh!! I should start minding my own business I guess; but then again if you don't like my blog page you might as well leave, dude. I sure did leave yours.

Freedom my ass.

(Maybe I am just getting older)

Well dudde, I think you are just about right, the gypos have found their way to explicit stupidity and well the cyber world keeps worsening and the hip people are not hip, just dillusional... And like I believe, freedom is a broad relative concept and by relative I mean that when it comes to freedom of speech we should first have a perception of what is right and what is wrong, what is to be said and what is not and then march ahead from that point and decide whether certain acts are to be pursued or not, certain statements are to be made or not, certain 'antis' are to be 'antied' or not. Freedom is being able to do the right or wrong thing, but choosing the right thing, instead of just being forced into doing it... That is what I think freedom should we all about...

You wanna solve the problem, adjust people's understandings to normal instead of crappy...

And as for you, you are not getting older, you are just growing more sane, or so I guess...

About the foul language, it drives me crazy! especially if I'm driving and a guy throws a word at me. I get frustrated coz of 2 things:
1- I don't even understand what the word means! (guys I have dealt with all my life have always watched their language around me)
2- I want to understand what the word means to react accordingly!

Does anybody also notice that people now discuss sex with girlfriends or exgirlfriends or whatever like it's become the norm in Egypt? Well, I know it's become a sort of "living adjustment" for people, especially of the younger generation, to have unconditional sex... the new wave of experimenting.. only the unfortunate thing is that zamaan when people used the phrase "i was young. i wanted to experiment".. they often referred to cigarettes of marjiuana..
i'm just that naiive huh..

hey that is not spam, those are my forwards :P

bad language huh? i guess this is why you don´t visit my blog anymore ;)

we are all getting old, too old for this new world, we are at that age where we should be married with childrenand no time to waste on blogger and the problem would be solved, we wouldn´t face this profanity :P

So basically, I should just ignore it all and move on with my life?!

If I do that, then I'd be the primary reason behind the problem being there in the first place. Well, at least that's what I think...

but what can a person really do?

Blog about it I guess...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

do they now have unconditional sex for experimenting in Egypt??? I mean havbe i not been there for that long?

Well, they do..
we don't have a middle class anymore. It's back to white collar, blue collar, and no collar society. The white collar society embrace drugs, wine (we have advertisements about alcoholic beverages in all english speaking magazines and newspapers over here), and sex as a norm amongst people now.
I know a couple guys who moved out of their apartment just in order to live with their girlfriends... and I'm not that much of a people person in the first place..

masr lessa bekheer ya ra2fat though.. i fool myself into believing there is still hope.

There must be...

Well I keep laughing everytime you convince yourself there is hope, cause apparently there isn't... People coose the worst and go for it... And apparently theree years out of Egypt can be labeled that long...

Bloody Odessa is playing.

I think that a lot of people live vicariously through their blogs. Half of these stories aren't even real but it's their way of fitting in with the rest of the globe. Premarital sex is normal, chilling at the pub with friends while listening to wust el balad is a weekly activity, going off to sharm with the guys over the weekend is encouraged. We're way down the civilization ladder, it's really disturbing. Conservatives are now oppressed though plenty of people in the "cool and mighty" west are also conservative. Yes, sex is normal, people have sexual desires, sex is also quite personal…people have erased all boundaries hoping they’d impress other people they’ve never and will probably never meet…i digress. The day I see less satellite dishes, less wireless enabled laptops and more “haat el falaka ya gaaber”, will be the day I regain my desire to bring kids into this world. (I still want kids, but I’m hesitant)

I'm fairly sure if they took porn off the internet, there'd only be one website left, and it'd be called "Bring back the porn!"

many people now are dying of sexual exhaustion...

I say OUT with the Internet as a whole.

That is so true..

I remember once when i was maybe 12, a 'cool' older guy from school asked me,'are you open minded?' to which i replied, 'yes, ofcourse i am.' so he said, 'okay then, let's talk about sex.'
i started blushing and was like,'n-no th-that's not what being open minded means!'
he simply shook his head and was like, 'whatever, i just thought u were open minded.' and he never spoke to me again.

Even though the guy was 14 and would probably laugh at the stupid incident now, i think he represented a lot of kids and how they grow up thinking that this is 'open-mindedness'. and to be open minded is to be hip and cool.
It's sad, really.

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