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Still Life Cinema

Poseidon (2006)

Dylan Johns: [to Richard, who has Valentine clinging to his leg as they dangle at the entrance to an elevator shaft, with an elevator above them about to fall] Shake him off!
Richard Nelson: What?
Dylan Johns: If you don't, then we both die!
Richard Nelson: [to Valentine] I'm so sorry.
[shakes him off, Valentine falls to the bottom of the elevator shaft and is impaled]

'Shake him off. Shake him off now!!'

Don't we all just think we could be the last action hero who comes around to the occasion? Well, this one visualizes just how fragile a person who thinks they're everything can be when it hits them that this is it!!

The rest of the film wasn't as bad as its imdb rating. It felt a lot like "every other disaster" movie; not to mention that the scene where Kurt Russel goes to turn off the propeller was a bad copy of Bruce Willis's in Armageddon. Filmmaking clichés filled the screen throughout the picture, but that scene when Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas) tells Nelson (Dreyfuss) to shake off the guy who held a bar over which everyone walked, passing over to higher ground, remains my favorite. This is as real as it gets. Cinema should have more of that and less pretentiousness.

well to me i loved that scene too and i think it related more to reality than the usual crap u get from such movies but to me the rest of the movie sucked...

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