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Tapping at my chamber door

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Oh piss off!!

A new encounter with daytime TV drama hit my reality buffer today. Get hit by news that you've been the talk of the town and you'll know what I mean when I say 'For the love of God, get a fucking life'.

When a Loser with a capital L breaks the news very very VERY gently that it has been rumored around the block that you're this and that when nobody has no clue what they're talking about in the first place, I just feel like donating a couple bucks to the sad, helpless, and extremely annoying organization; a sad case of bullshit drama needs to be rectified.

Assumption is the mother of all fuckups... that is what some people need to start learning.

Don't you find it cool that people whom you don't give two shits about have been spending more and more minutes discussing your lifestyle and how naive you've been and how they wish you'd wake up, judging you and making decisions on your behalf… out of pure love?

I mean WTF is wrong with people? Grrr… You can take that love in its purest of form and shove it.

And to hear the news from a dude whom I believe would take the first baby step into sanity if he would just do a course of 'home made tranquillizer shots'… or shoot a couple fireworks into his belly. Is it too hard for people to just say 'I don't care' and move on. Isn't that what normal people should do… just mind their own fucking business.

This 'encounter of the stupid kind' ended with me asking him of his reaction to their "talks" to which he answered that he told them that they were right.

He did break it gently.

I, in return, broke his heart by calling him an asshole…

Very very VERY gently.

Venting is therapeutic:P

Oh yes Indeed.

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