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Tapping at my chamber door

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On being tagged

Well, I've been asked by Arima to write my top 15 favorite things. I don't think that I ever considered that, so I guess this should be fun.

There you go, orderless.

  1. Coffee and cigars
  2. To laugh and be laughed with
  3. Reading books at dawn in my apartment's balcony
  4. Long dreamless sleeps after which I wake up looking and feeling brighter
  5. A good movie
  6. A moving opera (Laugh all you want people, still won't change a thing. 'Tis a fact)
  7. The pursuit of a dream or an objective, not the accomplishment, but the journey itself. I've gotten used to the disappointment. I do believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  8. A long chat with a dear friend that includes an argument or two
  9. Convincing someone of a belief or an idea; also being convinced
  10. Staring at the sea. I hate going in though. I never was a good swimmer
  11. The smell of perfume mixed with the smell of a cigarette that was just put out
  12. Singing. Yes, my voice is good enough to tune
  13. White chocolate
  14. Typing original material, nonstop at dawn
  15. The sound of a guitar string
  16. European meadows (Yes, I know. I cheated. I don't care)

I prefer not to tag anyone, but I would be interested in checking out whoever's interested in getting tagged and following the chain of very bored people… lets see how far will this tag chain get. :P

China perhaps?!

i'd love to hear u sing!!!!

my fav. things r much simpler...u know; blowing bubbles, eating candy, hugging, playing kick the can..these kind of stuff.

which reminds me, i gotta do these more often...

Thanks for taking part- it was interesting seeing your list of favourite things- many of them which I think are shared :)

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